Are You Facing Gear Shifting Issues in Your Bentley?

Bentley Transmission

Driving a Bentley is a unique experience that not many people get to have. Bentleys are known all over the world as a symbol of success and luxury, not to mention the standard for high-end performance vehicles. However, despite their excellence, Bentleys are not impervious to the same difficulties that many other vehicles experience due to normal wear and age. Bentley drivers commonly experience difficulty with their transmissions, which is evident in gear-shifting issues in several of their models. Since Bentley’s require a higher level of care, an automotive shop that specializes in Bentley repair and maintenance must address these issues for accuracy and efficiency purposes.

It can be frustrating and all together discouraging to encounter transmission issues in your Bentley, as drivers come to expect a certain level of performance in their vehicles based on the level of their investment. It’s best to remain proactive and learn to spot transmission and gear shifting issues in your Bentley early on before problems become unmanageable and expensive. Here is some more information about your Bentley’s symptoms and what to do next.

Common Transmission-Related Issues in Bentley Vehicles

Gear-shifting issues are typically related to transmission problems, but you might also notice a few other symptoms of transmission malfunction alongside gear-shifting problems. If you notice these symptoms in your Bentley, it’s time to bring it in for an immediate inspection.

Engine Overheating

When your Bentley’s transmission encounters gear-shifting problems, this dysfunction can lead to engine overheating. Quite simply, when your transmission begins to fail or malfunction it causes additional strain on your engine—particularly in heavy traffic conditions or on steep inclines with additional weight in the vehicle. Making sure your coolant is topped off at all times is one way to counteract the damages that your engine might sustain from overheating.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmission leaks are common when noticing gear-shifting problems. In fact, if the engine temperature reaches a high enough point, it can take a serious toll on the other components of your transmission like the seals that keep the transmission fluid contained. It is common to see leaking transmission fluid before or after gear-shifting problems become evident.


Gear-slippage and difficulty shifting gears are one in the same. The driver may notice that the RPMs the vehicle reaches do not match up with the typical gear-shifting intervals. Furthermore, erratic shifting from higher to lower gears and long pauses before shifting gears while accelerating are also typical with transmission problems.

Other Symptoms of Transmission Issues

The aforementioned symptoms are only a few of the common experiences of Bentley drivers who encounter transmission problems. Here are a few more you must keep your eye out for:

Shaking, Vibrating or Grinding

When a transmission becomes strained, it can cause your car to shake in the steering wheel or vibrate over the entire vehicle during acceleration. You might also notice a grinding noise and sensation when attempting to shift gears. This is one of the most troubling experiences for Bentley drivers with transmission issues because it is a clear decline in performance.

Check-Engine Light

Nearly every driver dreads the check-engine light—especially since there are about a hundred thousand reasons why it might illuminate. Bentley manufacturers design specific trouble codes that indicate the origin of various problems and failing parts in their vehicles. This information is critical for your automotive specialist in order to properly diagnose the issue and treat it accurately. If your check-engine light comes on, it’s important to address with immediacy.

How We Can Help

Bentley Front View At Pro Car Mechanics, we are known as South Bay’s number one European automotive shop. Specializing in Bentley vehicles, we proudly serve a range of clients from the areas of Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA. As the leading dealership alternative in the area, we offer the same level of certification and expertise without the hefty price tag—in fact, we offer rates up to 30% lower than nearby dealerships! Bentleys are exquisite vehicles, and we take pride in our work with them. Symptoms of transmission problems are concerning, so we ensure an accurate, timely diagnosis with affordable interventions so you can get your Bentley back to optimal performance levels. To schedule an inspection or diagnostic appointment, please contact our shop directly.

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