Avoid Oil Leaks in Your Bentley at S Figueroa St Gardena

Bentley Oil Leak

When you have a minor oil leak in your Bentley, it is easy to want to just let it slide and overlook it. Since it is a small leak, it can’t do much damage, right? However, minor leaks are key indicators of an array of possible mechanical problems now and even bigger problems in the future. Knowing why oil leaks are bad, how to recognize them, what to do about them, and most importantly, how to avoid them altogether is an important part of being a Bentley owner.

The Importance of Oil

The role oil has in the functionality of your vehicle’s engine is expansive. It does a multitude of activities in order to keep your engine running healthy and smoothly. It circulates inside the engine to prevent corrosion, reduce friction, carry away debris, protect moving parts, and transfer heat. When your Bentley is leaking oil, then your engine is likely to experience damage due to lack of oil lubrication.

Not only that, but other parts under the hood could be affected as well. Depending on where the leak originates, there is a possibility oil could interfere with other vehicle functioning by leaking into places it shouldn’t go, such as the accelerator.

Avoiding Oil Leaks

To increase your vehicle’s longevity, it is recommended that your Bentley receives frequent and proper maintenance that includes oil checks and changes at appropriate intervals. Having your oil changed by a trusted mechanic that can do a thorough vehicle inspection is the easiest way to prevent an oil leak from occurring or catching an oil leak in the early stages. If it is your first time with a certain mechanic or shop, then communicate to them that you are looking for someone that can ensure all the gaskets and oil lines look intact and are not likely to crack or tear between now and your next visit.

Not changing your oil at the appropriate intervals can cause the oil to deteriorate to the point that it becomes corrosive to the engine and is no longer reaching all areas. There is also a possibility of a build-up of debris and dirt that can cause further engine damage.

How to Recognize an Oil Leak

If your Bentley begins to leak oil, depending on the severity of the leak, it may take some time for you to notice. Eventually, you will likely see dark spots in areas that you park and pooling under the front end of the vehicle. If the color of the pooling fluid is dark and brownish, it is likely oil. However, if the leak appears to be green or orange, the leak is probably coolant.

Once you notice that there is a leak, there are some common places it originates. It is likely coming from a gasket, connecting point, cap, plug, or tube, all of which are usually made up of plastic or rubber that can easily corrode and become brittle over time. The most common reasons you have a leak are because of a degraded engine gasket, damaged oil pan, the oil drain plug is worn out, your oil filler cap is loose or damaged, cracked oil cooler lines, valve cover gaskets are compromised, and any other gasket or seal.

Addressing an Oil Leak

Since the reasons your Bentley could be leaking oil are so vast, it is important to get the issue addressed as soon as possible. If you feel comfortable and have the right knowledge base, you may be able to find the location of the leak on your own. If you are unsure, it is best to take your Bentley to a trusted mechanic for a vehicle inspection. Going to a mechanic is recommended due to the fact that they are trained professionals that are able to quickly make a diagnosis, identify and other possible issues, and repair the leak.

Trust the Experts

Knowing how to identify an oil leak is only a small Bentley Oil Leak Issue Check part of vehicle maintenance. Being sure to keep up with routine vehicle inspections and changing oil at the proper intervals is the best way to avoid a leak in the future. Even if you are well equipped to change your own oil, things can easily be overlooked so it is best to take your Bentley to a professional every few oil changes. This ensures you aren’t missing any tell-tale signs of possible leaks or future mechanical issues. If you live in or around Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, or Anaheim, CA, consider Pro Car Mechanics as your official Bentley experts.

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