Basic Tips To Increase Your MPG

The last few months have seen gasoline prices drop, and people are happy about it. It is a form of a tax cut if you will, which puts a little extra cash in a person’s pocket. A word of warning is that what goes down may eventually go back up. Now’s a grand time to develop a few habits which are going to increase your miles per gallon and save you money in the long run.

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    • Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated. Underinflated tires can reduce your gas mileage. If you keep your tires at the proper air pressure, which you can easily find in the owner’s manual, you are going to add a few more miles to each gallon of gasoline.
    • Empty The Trunk. The spare tire aside, a lot of stuff that is in the trunk does not have to be there. Additional weight is going to have a negative effect on miles per gallon. Anything that does not need to be in the truck should be removed as soon as possible.
    • Use Only the Right Gasoline. The owner’s manual once again comes in handy. Buying premium grade fuel is going to do nothing for your fuel economy if your car is not designed to use it. The owner’s manual is going to tell you the proper octane of gasoline for your vehicle.
    • Watch Your Speed. Let’s be realistic. You do not have to be everyplace as quick as you can. You’ll discover that going at a slower rate of speed is going to conserve gasoline. In fact, you will find on a long vacation drive that you can save several miles per gallon of gasoline by going at 60 mph as opposed to 70 mph.
    • Turn Off the Engine at Long Stops. If you live close to railroad tracks then you know how long it can take for a train with dozens of boxcars to pass. If it looks as if you’re going to be stopping for more than five minutes, turn off the engine and save some gasoline in the process.
    • Roll Up Your Windows. Aerodynamic drag can decrease your gas mileage, and this happens when your windows are rolled down. Keep them up especially when you’re on the freeway. If you do not need to have your air-conditioning on, turn it off for some extra savings.
    • Accelerate Slowly. All rabbit starts do are release excess gasoline into the system. Not all of it is going to be used. The best thing for you to do is gradually increase your speed.
  • Combine The Errands When Possible. A real gas waster is going out on numerous errands during the day. If you can combine several trips into one, you’ll be able to save on gasoline in the long run.
  • Embrace the Tune Up. You can increase the fuel efficiency of the car as well as cut Fuel Gauge costs with preventive maintenance. Having regularly scheduled visits to the auto service center will allow for gas guzzling problems to identified and corrected.
  • Make The Internet Your Friend. There are mobile apps which let you know gasoline prices are in your area. These can also alert you when there are going to be price increases. Gas Buddy is one such mobile app. By using the Internet properly, you can purchase gasoline at low prices.
  • Change the Air Filter. Engines with clean air filters do not work nearly as hard as engines with dirty ones. Changing the air filter is a simple do-it-yourself project which allows your engine to operate that much more efficiently.

Increasing your gas mileage can become a rather interesting game. There are ways in which you can gradually chip away at the price you paid at the pump. It takes a little bit of ingenuity and research but it is all well worth it. The important benefit is you get into the habit of finding ways to reduce your fuel costs. Such frugality is going to come in handy at a particular time. Gasoline prices will go up, and you want to be able to conserve as much of the savings as possible. It is not that difficult to do, and it can certainly be a lot of fun trying to find various means of saving money. Consult your owner’s manual for some ideas.

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