Car Care Tips for BMWs

BMW care tipsAnyone who owns a BMW is aware that he or she has one of the best manufactured cars on the highway. The BMW is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and is a marvel under the hood. These are definitely not economy cars. The 2014 BMW 5– Series can range in price from $49,500 to $70,400 in price, and earlier models cost well over $30,000 to own. The high expense is a reason why the owner of a BMW is willing to be a little bit more concerned about the care and upkeep of the automobile. There are a number of things the owner can do to ensure that the life of this car is extended for years.


Winter Maintenance

Winter care certainly doesn’t have to be high tech. Anyone who has been stuck in a snowstorm appreciates how aggravating it is to be trapped in the snow. All it takes is to have in the trunk a bag of kitty litter for tire traction, an ice scraper to get the ice of the windshields, and de-icing liquid. All of this can be in the trunk for use in an emergency. Tires should be checked to be sure the pressure is adequate and also if the tread is still good. A trip to the local BMW maintenance center can include having the tires rotated, and would also be a good time to have a tune-up done and to have the fluids checked, particularly the windshield washer fluid.

Spring and Summer

No matter where a person lives, Jack Frost eventually makes his exit. Spring and summer are times when the BMW is frequently used. The oil and the oil filter should be checked under the hood, and because the weather is warmer the cooling system is important and needs care. This can be as simple as checking the hose for leaks and also taking a look at the drive belts for any possible cracks. It may sound a little bit odd, but the antifreeze should be tested. This will prevent the coolant from boiling in the summer, preventing a serious problem when a person has to deal with traffic congestion. As in winter time, the tires should be checked for pressure. That will affect the gas mileage the BMW and also reduce the wear on the tires.

The Body and Interior

The time of year doesn’t matter; the body of the car and the interior have to receive attention. A BMW is meant to look like the high quality car that it truly is, but it won’t if there is rust on the body or the interior of the car looks filthy. Any buildup of salt during the winter should be sprayed out when the weather gets a little warmer, and the well wheels in particular need to be cleaned of salt and a dirt deposits. Washing the car in the spring is a good opportunity to take a look at any possible extra damage that may have happened in the winter months. This could be scrapes of the body paint, or minor stone cracks in the windshield which usually just requires repairing chips and not replacing the windshield. The interior carpet can be bruised by the salt and dirt. High quality rug shampoo can remove the salt and bits of dirt that have collected in the fabric of the carpeting. The vinyl should have a treatment applied to it to prevent dry and cracking, and the windows cleaned to allow for better visibility. Window washer fluid ought to be checked regardless of the time of year, since summer mud can block vision just as effectively as winter slush.

Oil changes don’t have to be every 3000 miles, but ought to be done several times a year. The tune ups are an opportunity for the BMW owner and the mechanic to go over the condition of the car. This may be a good time to rotate the tires or put in new spark plugs. A tune-up is also a chance to inspect the overall condition of the engine and its electrical components. The intent of all of this is to try to get as much mileage out of the vehicle as possible.

The BMW is worth every penny it costs to own one. The craftsmanship and durability of this automobile can be helped with very simple car care done on a routine basis. A little extra time to do routine maintenance will see to it that the BMW will be the gemstone of the driveway for years to come.



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