Common Problems in the Mercedes S-Class

Mechanic Repairing Mercedes S-Class

The S-Class from Mercedes is a luxury vehicle with tons of benefits and reliability to boot, making it a popular choice with those who love European cars. However, ss with any model, the S-Class has its fair share of problems. Some of the issues are commonly experienced by owners across the board, while others may be related to poor driving habits. Read on to learn more about common issues in the Mercedes S-Class and what you can do to prevent them.

Common S-Class Issues

While it may seem disingenuous for a luxury vehicle to have “common issues”, that phrase doesn’t mean that the car isn’t highly engineered for success, or even that the majority of Mercedes S-Class owners will experience these issues. Rather, these are just the most common issues that S-Class owners do experience.

Overall, these vehicles are incredibly reliable, as they should be. However, knowing what the most common issues are with the model can help you know what to keep an eye out for, so you can catch the problem early and help prevent further damage.

Airmatic Failure

The air suspension system in the Mercedes S-Class has been known to fail, leaving the vehicle with no air suspension. This makes the vehicle uncomfortable and possibly undriveable. A warning light on the dash will be illuminated to tell you the car cannot be driven.

Climate Control Problems

The dual climate control system has been problematic in some instances. Owners have experienced hot air coming out of the vents on one side of the vehicle and cold air coming out of the vents on the other side of the vehicle. This does not make for a luxury ride.

Transmission Issues

Erratic, hard shifting or jerking sensations have been a recorded issue with the transmissions in the S-Class. This makes the owners hesitant on driving their luxury sedan once they experience these conditions. Transmission problems can compound quickly, so if you experience these problems, get your Mercedes to a skilled mechanic quickly.

Rough Idle

At low RPM’s the S-Class may have problems with idling rough, and passengers may experience a kick or jolt as the vehicle accelerates. Depending on the root cause of this issue, your check engine light may come on when this happens.

Parking Brake Failure

Parking brake may sometimes not function as designed due to a brake switch failure. A warning light will appear on the dash of the vehicle alerting the owner to a problem.

Heated Seat Failure

In cold climates, this is issue can be a huge problem. When this malfunction occurs, the seats will not heat as designed due to electrical component failure. While this does not affect the driveability of the car, it can certainly influence your comfort.

What to Do

Mercedes Logo If at any point you experience one of these issues, you should contact a qualified service shop to get your vehicle checked out. It is not recommended to continue driving your car when warning lights, vibrations, or rough idles are experienced, as doing so could risk damaging your car further. Whenever you schedule your repair service, you should always make sure the service center and technician are qualified with German imports.

Many of these issues can be handled under manufacturer warranty depending on the cause, age and mileage of the vehicle. You should also check for open recalls on your vehicle as manufacturers will issue recalls that cost nothing out of your pocket to repair on components that are known to fail. You may also consider the lemon law on your vehicle if the issue is not able to be repaired or becomes a consistent problem regardless of how many times it has been serviced for the same issue. Be sure to consult with your service center and technician to decide what to do before proceeding with repairs.

Consult the Experts at Pro Car Mechanics

Whether your Mercedes S-Class requires routine maintenance or repairs on a more pressing issue, our staff at Pro Car Mechanics are available to help. Convenient to Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA, we are available to diagnose and problems your car might have.

Your Mercedes S-Class will thank you the care and compassion we offer to all our vehicles and customers. Schedule your appointment today so you can have smooth luxury ride.

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