Cooling Fan Module Issues in Jaguar X Type Models at S Figueroa St Gardena

Jaguar Car Cooling Fan Module Issue

Jaguar is known for its optimal performance, sleek design, and consistent advances in innovative technology. The superior components found in the Jaguar X Type model work together to create a dependable and comfortable luxury ride. Even so, like with any automobile, issues may arise that require specialized attention. The X Model seems to be more prone to failure of the cooling fan module. This is especially true for those models purchased before 2003. The failure or malfunction of this component can not only be a significant problem, it can lead to more serious issues with your Jaguar.

What is the cooling fan module?

Also known as a fan control module, the cooling fan module serves more than one purpose. First of all, it controls the fans that are responsible for blowing out cold air produced by the air conditioning system. This cool air is what maintains a comfortable temperature within the cabin of your Jaguar and ensures an ample supply of circulating fresh air. Secondly, the module helps regulate the cooling fans found under the hood, near the radiator. They play a vital part in keeping the engine and other mechanical parts at the desired temperature for optimal operation. Without the fan control module, the fan motors would not be able to perform at the various speeds needed to cool the engine.

Signs of a Potential Cooling Fan Module Issue

If the module is malfunctioning, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This will eliminate the possibility of more serious and costly issues developing over time. One of the most noticeable symptoms of a faulty fan control module is the temperature and air flow in the interior of your Jaguar. If you notice that the flow of air is significantly weaker than normal or stops completely, the module may be failing. It keeps the operation of the blower regulated, so if it fails, the cabin of the vehicle may become stuffy and warm.

Another sign of a problem is when your Jaguar’s engine overheats. The fans found under the hood are designed to keep the system at an optimal temperature. They will come on when the engine or its components get too hot. They shut off when these components have cooled down. If the fans run continuously without going off or does not run at all, the cooling module may need to be replaced. A vehicle which overheats or runs hot for an extended period of time can experience detrimental damage. Such damage can even lead to the need for a complete engine replacement.

When Should You Consult a Professional

If a faulty module is Jaguar Car Cooling Fan Module suspected, professional mechanics should be consulted to perform a thorough inspection and correct diagnosis. This component can malfunction for multiple reasons, so allowing the professionals to determine the cause can keep you from wasting time and money.

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