Different Types of Tires & How to Choose the Best One for You

You can expect to see some large tire sales going on in late summer and early autumn. Checking your own four wheels you may decide that you want to invest in some new ones, but you have to be careful. Some tires are just right for your car model while others might be a waste of your money. There are all types of tires and you need to choose which will be best for you.
Wheels and Tires

Types of tread blocks

You may be looking at the treads as you are selecting tires. There are two basic types: circumferentially arranged tread blocks and radially arranged tread blocks. The former provides a smooth ride with good brain traction. Unfortunately, it does not do very well in snow. The radial has good traction and is better on snowy roads. The circumferentially arranged tread block offers a quiet ride.

Different types of tires

The high-performance tire handles high-speed and have better than average cornering performance. While these are made for top-end cars, increasingly more family cars use this type. One difficulty is this tire wears out faster than other types. You will hear tire dealers talk about highway/all-season tires. These have a long tread life and a quiet ride. An all-season radial is going to be able to do better in snow and maintain a low level of noise. There is also the all-terrain car tire which can be driven for as much as 50,000 miles. These have a remarkably good wear capacity. They are also fairly quiet. Snow tires are seasonal and specifically designed to handle rough snow. Mud tires are wheels with a lot of muscle to them. Anyone who is doing off-road driving will find the traction is excellent. This can really help in areas where rain or snow results in deep mud. The mud tire is a little bit more expensive than the ordinary rubber wheel, and has a loud noise factor to it. Besides being good in mud these tires do very well in deep snow.

Type of tires to choose

If you happen to be driving a sports car you want to have tires that can perform well both under speed and turns. High performance tires can handle those extra miles of speed and have a good grip on the road for those terms. Pickup trucks are a horse of a different color. You are going to need not just traction but durability as well. It is because those pickup trucks are going to be rolling down country and roads that are a little bit less than perfect. If you are a person who sits well behind the wheel of an SUV, there tires made expressly for those models. They provide the kind of comfort that you’re looking for.

Car Tires

You can see there’s quite a bit of information to digest regarding the various types of tires. You certainly want to get the best deal for your money but you need a filter for all the information. The simplest way to look at tires is what exactly do you need on an everyday basis. If you are driving a family car, then perhaps a mud tire is not the best selection for you. On the other hand if you are driving a pickup truck over farmland or near the forest line, the mud tire may be the best thing for you. The performance tire is costly, but if you are driving a well-crafted sports car this is something that you may want to consider. The cornering capabilities more than pay for their cost if you are navigating tight streets within the city. Many people like the all-terrain because the long life these tires usually have.

Be sure about your need

This all can make for a very interesting conversation between you and the sales representative at the tire store. Before you go shopping take a moment to figure out what you really need. That is based on the type of driving you do and the conditions you ordinarily will drive in. This gives the sales representative an idea of where to direct you. A tire sale can be a great opportunity to get the wheels you need at a reduced price. If you have a good idea of what you need it means your return on investment is going to be even better.

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