Do Turbocharged Vehicles Require More Service?

Say the word “turbocharge” and an automobile lover can almost hear the roar of the engines. This is real authority under the hood, and the extra air flowing into the combustion chamber of an engine makes it produce even more power than usual. It is no secret that high-performance sports cars and racing cars owe a lot of their amazing ability to the turbochargers. Those who are fortunate to own a car that has turbochargers will ask the question whether or not something like this needs more than ordinary service. The answer is “Yes”.
Turbo Assembly

Location Is Part of the Reason

The turbochargers are positioned inside the exhaust system. It is the exhaust gases coming out of the engine that spins a turbine and forces air into the engine. The turbine is directly in contact with the exhaust gases and the intense heat that will stress the oil. It means that a car with a turbocharged engine will definitely need more oil changes than an ordinary family car. Other maintenance requirements that are above the ordinary involve the transmission fluid and spark plugs of the car.

The driver is also part of the reason why turbocharged vehicles need more service. The roar of the engine can be almost too irresistible. Owners want to take full advantage of the additional horsepower, resulting in the throttle being floored a regular basis. That in turn is the cause of repair problems over time. Other areas that can be affected because of poor driving habits include the suspension, the tires, and even the brakes of the car.

Some Easy Maintenance

Fortunately, some of the maintenance work that needs to be done on a turbocharged car is of the do-it-yourself nature. Changing the air filter on a regular basis is a good way to keep debris from causing problems with the turbochargers. It is important to double check the new air filter so there’s no chance of tiny particles getting past it into the turbocharger. The fuel filters need to be changed every 10,000 miles in order to be effective. It is recommended that the owner use a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) fuel filter to prevent any damage to the turbocharger.

Turbocharged Vehicle

More Advanced Service

Getting beyond the average handyman knowledge, the high-pressure hose couplers ought to be checked. A turbo system will operate at pressures higher than 12 psi, and a coupler can easily have a boost pressure leak. In fact, any air leak is the reason for a turbocharger to work even harder than it is necessary. Pressure leaks cause what amounts to a chain reaction problem within the turbocharger. A watchful eye has to be maintained for any possible pressure leak, and that means inspections of hoses, tubes, and clamps. Oil supply lines will need to be given maintenance service after 100,000 miles. The turbocharger in motion should have little side to side movement and never have contact with the compressor. There also should be no in and out motion. Either motion is a sign of service needed immediately.

The visual inspections alert the driver to potential problems but the actual work on servicing ought to be in the hands of a professional mechanic. There are some elements of the turbocharger that require more than ordinary car owner knowledge. Mistakes that an amateur might make can be extremely expensive. Turbochargers are sturdy but accidental damage will negatively affect the life of one.

An Ounce of Caution

A turbocharger is no toy. This is a piece of automobile equipment that can produce an enormous amount of horsepower but the turbocharger is at a bit of risk because of the intense heat atmosphere it operates in. The servicing of a turbocharged vehicle has to be a routine occurrence. This is understandable because these cars are not the ordinary family car.

The driver of a turbocharged car needs to keep in mind the power increase is temporary. It creates an enormous amount of heat under the hood and that will over time have a negative impact. It is necessary for any driver to be careful when taking a turbocharged car out on the road. The roar in the horsepower is intoxicating but there’s a price to be paid for carelessness. That can be found in the bill that is charged for the repair of these thunder horses.

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