Don’t Overlook the Transmission

Car owners many times worry about the battery or the brakes and overlook other parts of the car. It’s understandable but to forget about other things can lead to bigger problems. The transmission will affect both the performance and vehicle mileage of the car. That can be a serious consideration on some of the more expensive automobiles. Loss of power of a Mercedes or BMW can be frightening for any driver, and the replacement of the transmission system can be very expensive. Both are reasons to get the best transmission service possible.

Types of Transmission

The transmission is not a simple piece of machinery; there are literally hundreds of parts within it. A top quality auto service center that handles foreign models will provide service for automatic, manual, and sequential transmission.

8-speed automatic transmission (04/2011)An automatic transmission is very basic. There is no gear shift and once the driver has put the transmission into the “Drive” mode, everything is done automatically. Manual transmissions use a stick shift and have an “H” pattern in the shifters, allowing for a five speed gear change. The sequential transmission is something entirely different. It is neither automatic nor operates with a stick shift. Also known as a sequential transmission gearbox, gears can be shifted by pushing a shift lever that allows the gears to be changed and makes gear shifting mistakes impossible. This is a transmission model that is used with high performance cars. The major advantage that sequential transmission has over the other two is that it can shift gears much faster. On the other hand, if this transmission breaks down it is extremely expensive to replace. That’s reason enough to be sure that it receives proper maintenance.

The Service Needed

A burning smell or humming noises coming from under the hood are warning notices that something may be wrong with the transmission. If the check engine light flashes, that should alert the car owner to immediately have the transmission checked. This is especially true for somebody who owns an upscale car like a Mercedes. Hopefully, all that is needed is to have the transmission fluid checked and changed. The owner’s manual should be reviewed to see if what mile marker the fluid would need to be changed (ordinarily this should happen every 15,000 miles). The automatic transmission service will ordinarily require draining the fluid, making sure that the filter has been changed, and dropping the service pan. Manual transmissions do have fluid inside of them to lubricate the gears, and this should be changed at least every 30,000 miles. The same attention given to an automatic transmission must be given to the sequential transmission.
The most challenging service to be given to any transmission would be completely replacing it. The difficulty arises from the intricate workings of a transmission. Moreover, the transmission is connected to various essential parts of the car. The replacement work would require mechanics going in and disconnecting the electrical connections, taking out the starter motor, and actually removing the front wheels among other activities to be done before the transmission itself is taken out. The replacement of a transmission, regardless of the type that is used, is clearly a very detailed operation. A consumer is easily looking at expenses of several thousand dollars depending on the model of the car. Avoiding such costs is enough for any car owner to have a transmission checked on a fairly regular basis.

The Need for Top Quality Transmission Service

Transmission work is complicated enough but can be even more of a challenge when dealing with an Audi or a Land Rover. These are not every day cars that an apprentice auto mechanic should touch. The manufacturers of high quality cars such as a Mercedes don’t just assemble an automobile; they craft a masterpiece. These vehicles should have a mechanic who is specially trained in servicing the given model open up the hood. Such a professional has a better understanding of the transmission and has the tools necessary to do the specialized work. Even changing the transmission fluid is something that no inexperienced person should attempt. These are very expensive cars and should be worked on by those with the right expertise.

The owner of a BMW knows that he or she has a splendid automobile. It deserves the best care from a seasoned professional. The transmission is an extremely important component to the car, and an inspection of the transmission fluid should be part of any visit to an automotive care center. If properly maintained, the transmission will perform to expectations and a little bit of routine work will add years to this valuable piece of machinery.

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