Easy Tips to Diagnose a Faulty Fuel Injector

Mechanic Checking Faulty Fuel Injector

Preventive care is critical when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Owning a car is a responsibility and a challenge at times, costing us more money than we wish most occasions than we’d like. Staying on your manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule is a great way to make sure your car is running at the best performance level at all times; however, despite our best efforts, things can still go wrong. The nature of mechanics in general is that complex engineering is make up of many parts that can potentially wear, corrode, and malfunction, requiring repair or replacement over time. One of the most common issues that drivers face is diagnosing symptoms that their car’s express. Leaving the diagnosis to a professional mechanic can be difficult for many given the vast majority of individuals have negative experiences with automotive shops. In condensed cities like Los Angeles, Anaheim, Glendale, Long Beach, and Gardena, CA, the traffic conditions seem to become more taxing on our cars each year causing issues mostly related to fuel. In stop-and-go traffic we tend to notice symptoms our vehicle is showing more, and fuel injectors are one of the most consistently replaced parts. Here are a few symptoms to look out for that can alert you to take your car into the shop.

Check-engine light indicates fuel injector issue

Usually when something goes wrong with your fuel injector the check-engine light will illuminate on your dashboard. This light indicates that the car’s computer is communicating a code that needs to be read by a professional auto technician with the proper automotive technology and devices. Once you bring your car to an automotive shop they can diagnose the trouble code and turn off the check-engine light for you. If the problem is related to the fuel injector, they will need to perform a thorough inspection to make sure that no other parts have been damaged as a result of the failing fuel injector. Preventive care, particularly in busy cities like Gardena, is of paramount importance; fuel injector issues can be detected early on, cutting your repair bill in half.

A faulty fuel injector emits bad odor

The strong smell of gasoline in your vehicle cabin is another sign that your fuel injector needs to be checked out. If the injector is failing, it could be that it just needs to be cleaned or repaired. Occasionally the high-pressurized system of the injector can cause fuel to leak around the connection points of the mechanism. Keeping an eye on fuel efficiency is a good way to determine if you are leaking fuel—it may even leak while your car is sitting parked. If you suspect an issue with the fuel injector, keep an eye out for any fluids accumulating beneath your vehicle.

Other symptoms of faulty fuel injector

Fuel Injector Sitting in traffic daily it can be difficult to recognize significant changes in gas mileage. On a day-to-day basis, who knows how much fuel we use collectively driving around the vast areas of Southern California. It is important to keep an eye on your vehicle’s fuel economy; it can tell you a lot about what’s going on with your car—especially if you suspect that there is an issue. Fuel injectors help determine the engine’s ratio of oxygen to gas, allowing the engine to fire properly. When fuel injectors begin to fail or malfunction, the typical symptom is hindered acceleration or engine misfiring. If your car is stalling, bucking, or hiccupping, there could be an issue with the fuel injector, but it could also be due to any number of issues, as these symptoms are also typical of other component problems, like a failing mass airflow sensor.

Final words

If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms in your vehicle, you may need to have your fuel injector inspected. Pro Car Mechanics located in Gardena, CA, is one of the most highly rated and reputable automotive shops in the Los Angeles, Anaheim, Glendale, and Long Beach areas. Offering clients with prices up to 30% lower than dealerships, they provide affordable automotive services for luxury European imports and can take care of all automotive challenges their clients face. Drop by Pro Car Mechanics for an inspection or simply to meet the staff; they’ll earn your trust in just one visit.

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