Hermosa Beach’s #1 European Auto Repair Shop

When you buy any European-made car you are making a commitment and you expect a higher level of comfort and performance. Of course these things don’t take care of themselves and with a new luxury car usually comes a specific maintenance plan. These carefully designed plans are made to make sure that your car is kept in optimum condition and should be followed to a “T.” But just like with any other important things you own you want your car to be cared for by the best. So instead of settling for the same work that any car would receive from the big name companies, see what the expert mechanics at Pro Car Mechanics can do for you.

For years our specialists have made luxury car maintenance and repair our top priority. We make sure that no matter the issue or service your vehicle needs, trained and experienced professionals properly handle it. Whether it is a routine mileage service appointment for your BMW or larger repairs involving replacement parts for your Audi or Mercedes, our friendly staff will make each step of the process as easy as possible. We pride ourselves on providing drivers with quick turnaround times without sacrificing the quality of the work performed.

When you take your car to the dealership it can lead to mixed results with everything from wait times to cost to even the work done being hit or miss. Rather than run the risk of repeat visits, our mechanics will make sure the job gets done right the first time. By performing a comprehensive diagnostic inspection with the latest equipment we are able to find the source of any issue. This allows us to find the problem fast and to work with you to decide course of action that best suits your budget and needs.

Placing an emphasis on customer service we find that drivers who choose Pro Car Mechanics will often save up to 30% compared to dealer prices. We offer comprehensive service and repair work for luxury car brands including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini Cooper and Land Rover and our specialists understand the ins and outs of each brand’s complete line of vehicles.

Instead of settling for lesser work or more expensive work see why Pro Car Mechanics has become one of the top independent service centers for drivers throughout Hermosa Beach. Call us today with any further questions or to set up an appointment for your car.