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A perfectly maintained luxury car will not only look impeccable but also it will perform to the high level you expect for years. Receiving routine maintenance ensures that your car will have maximum fuel efficiency, engine power and remain free of major issues. While most luxury cars come with specifically designed service plans not just any mechanic is capable of following them to the high standard they require. Because of this many drivers will resort to going directly to the dealerships for any scheduled maintenance but those visits add up to expensive, time consuming trips that can deter an owner from properly following the service plan or attempting to skip perceived unimportant things like tire rotations or fluid changes.

Instead of running the risk of affecting your car’s performance or compounding a pre-existing issue allow the experts at Pro Car Mechanics to make sure the job gets done right. For years we have specialized in the service and maintenance of European-made cars for drivers in and around Torrance, CA. Performing the same caliber of work you would receive at the dealership, our specialists understand the ins and outs of all BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini Cooper and Land Rover vehicles. Understanding the specific needs of each of car and their service plan, our mechanics will often find issues or problems that have been overlooked or missed by other service centers.

Because of our attention to detail and the use of factory grade diagnostic tools and equipment we are able to properly diagnose an issue the first time around which will help save you money in the long run. In fact, our services have been proven to save drivers up to 30% below the dealership mechanic costs. This cost effective and time saving approach is a vast improvement when compared to time spent at the dealerships. Whether your car needs routine maintenance or larger repairs, avoid all of the hassle of a dealership and see why Pro Car Mechanics has become the choice dealership alternative for drivers from Torrance and the surrounding areas.

If your car is in need of maintenance or you would like to speak with one of our specialists regarding services available for your car please call us today.