Fuel System Malfunction Symptoms

Car Fuel System

Your car requires an efficient fuel system for the engine to run correctly. The fuel system of a vehicle is comprised of the fuel tank, filter, pump, tank and injector or carburetor. If just one of those components fails, it will cause the entire fuel system to malfunction.

Fuel is one of the key ingredients that your car engine need to function correctly, and anything that might hinder the free flow of the fuel to the engine will lead to poor performance, or it might prevent the car from starting at all. Therefore, it is advised for the drivers to be cognizant of the symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel system to address them before they worsen. This article highlights the typical symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel system in your car.

Engine Sputtering

Sputtering of the engine while driving at high speed is the most common symptom of malfunctioning fuel system. Engine sputtering is caused when the fuel pump doesn’t deliver a continuous flow of the fuel to the engine, causing the engine to receive air instead of fuel. Your engine will skip power strokes due to this interruption, leading to the engine sputter or jerk.

During the early stages of fuel system damage, the engine sputtering may last for approximately one to two minutes before returning to the normal state. However, some drivers may mistakenly confuse this symptom and diagnose your vehicle with dirty gas, an empty tank, or other fuel-related problems. The problem might be caused by clogged fuel filters or faulty fuel pumps, but the only way to know for sure is to have your car checked by an experienced professional mechanic.

Stuck in Place

Often, a problem with the fuel system of your car such as a faulty fuel pump will mean that the engine won’t start. If the fuel pump is defective or reaches a point that is not able to provide sufficient fuel to the engine, the fuel will not reach the engine, which means it will not be able to start at all.

All combustion engines are equipped with fuel pumps in one form or another. They are built to last, however, with time as the car attains high mileage it will sometimes become necessary to replace it. To confirm a faulty fuel pump, use the fuel pressure gauge to check the pressure in the fuel lines. If the pressure reads as zero, the pump is probably defective.

A car with a faulty fuel system will also often experience low engine power while accelerating. It may produce a revving sound and then accelerate suddenly. A functioning pump will increase the fuel flow rate to the fuel accelerator once you depress the gas pedal. Since a faulty fuel system will starve your car of fuel, the engine will not have adequate power to respond to commands, which can lead to your car stalling.

Engine Surge

A malfunctioning fuel system may also cause an engine surge in your car. A vehicle with a surging engine will change from moving normally at a constant speed without the driver intervention. Instead of maintaining speed, it will accelerate and surge forward as if the accelerator pedal has been depressed, which can be dangerous to both you and other drivers around you.

Many drivers have mistakenly blamed engine surges on the fuel filter because it’s not like other symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel system. However, the engine surge is usually a result of the age, wear, and tear that causes variable resistance of the fuel pump. This creates a situation where the engine cannot draw sufficient energy to keep the pressure required for constant speed, which can cause a surge with an abrupt rise in pressure.

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