How Do Damaged Engine Mounts Affect Your Car?

Broken Car Engine Mounts

A car is only as good as the engine that propels it. This is why vehicle manufacturers are continuously innovating and improving their engines to make them even more efficient. Every part in a luxury vehicle is engineered to work within its role, making every part important to the quality drive you expect.

The engine of car is made up of many different smaller components, all of which play an important role in the overall performance of the engine. In the event that a component of the engine breaks down, the engine fails to perform efficiently. One such component of the engine is the engine mount.

What it Does

The engine mount is the part in which the engine of the car is held. It is firmly bolted to the body of the car in order to hold the engine in place, effectively preventing it from moving around. The engine mount is made out of metal and rubber. The rubber is meant to prevent the metal parts of the engine as well as the car body from touching and rubbing on each other. The engine mount also contains a liquid that acts as a shock absorbent in some vehicle models. In other models, a vacuum is created in the mount to absorb shocks.

In addition to holding the engine down, it also plays an important role in reducing the vibrations that are usually felt in the engine. These vibrations are triggered by the numerous moving parts that are within the engine.

Causes of Damage to the Engine Mount

Considering the important role that the engine mount plays and the amount of pressure it is under, it is highly prone to damage over time. Some of the most common causes of this damage include:

Wear and tear

This is a result of friction and general aging after a long time. Age makes the engine mount break down and stop working as it should.

Reckless driving

This is characterized by hard braking or going over railroads or bumps carelessly without slowing down. Launching too hard will also cause some strain on the engine mount.

Poorly installed mounts

A poorly installed engine mount will experience failure or damage prematurely. The engine mount may also fail to function effectively as a result of leaking fluid or broken parts in the mount.

Symptoms of a damaged engine mount

Some of the most common symptoms of engine mount damage include:

Excessive vibrations

These vibrations are a direct result of the engine mount failing to absorb the vibrations that are generated from within the engine. These vibrations will be more pronounced when the engine is idling while the transmission is still engaged.

Unusual noises in the engine

These noises come from the worn out or broken parts in the mount banging on each other. If the engine mount is damaged, the engine will not be held firmly in place and the vibrations will cause some noise to be produced as the engine moves.

Movement in the engine bay

In addition to producing the noise, the engine will also move around in the engine bay, causing noises especially when the vehicle accelerates. This is because the engine will no longer be held down by the mount and so while it runs, it will move back and forth against the chassis.

Trust the Professionals

As it is clearly important to have a functioning engine mount, Car Engine Mounts Check experiencing any of these symptoms warrants a visit to a mechanic shop. This is because damage to the engine mount requires proper diagnosis as there are other problems that a car can develop that present the same symptoms. A reputable mechanic shop with experienced technicians will not only provide the correct diagnosis of the issue, but will also provide the proper remedies that will bring your car back to its initial perfect condition.

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