How do I keep my BMW serviced after 100,000 miles?

If you happen to own a BMW you have serious bragging rights. This is a car that has a well-earned reputation for solid craftsmanship and durability. When other models break down and start to need major repairs the BMW keeps on moving. It is a testimony to the expert work done on this German automobile. It is however a manufactured item and as with any creative product, a BMW is going to eventually start to show its age. A serious milestone for any automobile including a BMW is the 100, 000 mile mark.
BMW Engine

Stay aware of possible problems

Unless the car is driven frequently over long distances, an automobile reaches this mile marker after about eight or so years. This makes it a senior citizen on the highway. Any golden ager is going to start having aches and pains, and cars are no exception. Many of the automotive components of a BMW are good for thousands of miles longer than standard cars. Still, an owner has to be aware of possible deterioration of brakes, transmission, and other parts that are necessary for performance.

Importance of maintenance

One good thing about the BMW is the durability will continue due to prior maintenance. If over the years you have followed a schedule of BMW maintenance, making necessary changes at certain mile benchmarks, and being faithful about timely oil and transmission fluid changes, your BMW will reward your diligence. These cars have been known to go 120,000 miles or more if they have been properly maintained. It is your responsibility as an owner though to keep up with the maintenance.

Moving forward beyond that 100,000 mile mark, oil changes should continue to happen between 5000-7500 miles, the oil filter should be changed at the same time. BMW spark plugs can go as much as 100,000 miles. At that point they definitely need to be looked at, and perhaps the spark plugs need to be changed for new ones. These would probably need to be replaced at the 30,000 mile mark. It is suggested with the spark plugs to not bother with platinum plugs. The Bosch copper or the silver variety have been shown to be much more reliable.

Factory scheduled maintenance

The older BMW cars will benefit from a factory scheduled maintenance. BMW has three categories for the services: Inspections I and II, and the Oil and Safety service. These are very comprehensive checks on your BMW. Inspection I will include items such as checking the steering system, the brake lines and the clutch system, the exhaust system, and determine if the engine is running at the desired temperature. Inspection II will repeat all of Inspection I and include a look at the brake lining, air filter, and spark plugs. The Oil and Safety will change the oil and the oil filters, but go a little bit further. Brakes, steering, engine coolant, suspension components, and everything that deals with the safety of the vehicle will come under this type of maintenance. The mileage intervals for all of these services is dependent on the age of the BMW you happen to be driving.
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Make a right decision

Any owner of this marvelous brand of car does have to accept reality that a car with 100,000 miles on the odometer may be living on borrowed time. What is important is to stretch out that loaned months of life as far into the future as practicable. To be sure, this may be just a few more years, but these don’t have to be times of disabled performance. A BMW is able to continue offering good service as long as it is well maintained. It is entirely possible that an owner may be spending a couple thousand dollars for replacement parts during these years. If that is a problem for your budget, you may want to think about using that money as a down payment on your next BMW.

Consult a professional auto mechanic

However, if you are satisfied with your present car and are willing to spend little extra for any replacement parts, your adherence to a upkeep that includes factory scheduled maintenance can keep that wonder machine of yours moving well until its last dying day. Make certain to take the advice of an auto mechanic regarding the type of oil to use, and what type of spark plugs would be the best when replacement is needed. Your BMW can provide superior performance if you are willing to keep it properly serviced.

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