How Does A Detail Or Wax Extend The Life Of My Paint?

Nothing looks worse on the road than a car with rust spots all over the exterior. The paint job of any car will last for a given number of years, but the elements will take their toll. It isn’t just salt from winter driving; dust and gravel during the warm months can do some damage to the car as well. Sun, droppings from birds, and any air pollutants can also cause harm to the paint. We are starting to head towards snow time once again and that can challenge the car paint. Detail work or a waxing can do a lot to protect the paint from the elements.

Car WashingBead Test

Waxing is more than just bringing out the best features of the exterior color. A good car wax is going to create some protective film for the paint. It serves as a barrier between the elements and the color underneath. It makes sense to check exterior conditions before waxing the car. Automobile professionals recommend what is known as a bead test. All it takes is throwing some water on the surface of the car. If the water beads into small pockets, then there’s no need to do any waxing. Large beads of water do suggest that a wax job would be helpful.

Proper way of waxing

The car should be prepped in anticipation of being waxed. This means washing the car, and then allowing it to dry. There may be some areas on the surface where dirt or debris is hardened. An auto body cleaner that is nonabrasive can be used to clean those areas of the waxing. Many car washes offer a wax job as an additional service. If you have decided to do the work yourself, be sure to use a dry cloth. The wax needs to be applied in a circular motion and is best done in a shaded area away from the sun. There is no need to use a lot of wax; a small amount is just fine.

Description Of A CarImportance of detailing

Detailing can accomplish the same protection for the paint job. It does go little bit beyond waxing, and can be considered fairly good restorative work. A car is going to get its fair share of scratches and dents over time. Detailing work takes care of pounding out dents that could be deposits for salt a corrosive material. Scratches can be minor or major, but in either case might need a little paint to correct. In the process of doing a buffing job, a car owner may accidentally create swirl marks. This is going to need very careful polishing in order to get rid of any of scratches. Detailing can be a do-it-yourself project depending on what has to be done. However, if you lack the time or the expertise taking the car in for professional detailing job is an excellent alternative.


A car should be waxed no more than once every three months. At the same time, if there is a chance of very harsh weather for extended periods, then a car waxing may have to be done more frequently. Those car owners who live in snow belts should expect to do one or two car waxings during the winter. This will adequately protect the paint from road salt or sand. In addition to any icy rain. The car owner must know the paint also will be a protective barrier for metal underneath the car. Detailing can be used to take care of any deposits of debris in the wheel wells and also the chassis work.

Benefits of waxing & detailing

Something else to consider when it comes to waxing in detail. Both will extend the life and gloss of that paint job your car has. It also can help in the resale value of the automobile. Rust is something that will cause the price to drop. It is recommended that detailing work be done prior to the sale of any vehicle. You need to have your car looking its very best for a prospective buyer. The benefit in the coming months obviously is the protection against ice, salt, and road sand. Pay attention to the body of the car with waxing and detailing will help you make it through the winter. The coming of April can have your car looking as good as it did when you first purchased it.

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