How to Detect a Valvetronic System Fault in BMW

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If you drive a BMW, then you’re one of the luckiest drivers in the world; these cars have remained some of the highest rated automobiles for decades, and they continue to surprise drivers with their innovative engineering and design solutions. One such engineering concept coined by BMW is the VANOS engine, which includes what’s called the Valvetronic system designed to optimize engine performance. Unfortunately, these systems encounter unique issues that must be addressed immediately.

What Does the Valvetronic System Do for Your BMW?

Valvetronic is a variable lift and timing feature/system in BMW engines that controls the timing of the intake and exhaust valves opening and closing to optimize performance, and it ultimately decreases reliance on the car’s throttle body. This valve timing system enables the car’s computer to optimize the combustion chamber more efficiently while using a valve-dictated intake system. It includes specific components that allow for the optimization, which can encounter problems over time due to normal wear or inadequate servicing.

Most Likely Causes of Failure

There are a few different potential areas for faults with the Valvetronic system, and it’s critical to have it diagnosed and serviced right away, otherwise it could lead to significant engine issues. One of the most common causes of Valvetronic system malfunctions are oil servicing related. It’s common for non-BMW specializing shops to use improper types of oil filters which collapse much quicker than the standard-used oil filters for BMW engines. This inevitably causes the flow of engine oil to become impeded, leading to serious impairment.

Symptoms of Valvetronic Failure in BMW Cars

It’s important to pay close attention to the symptoms your BMW produces at any given time—as this can provide your reliable automotive shop with vital information about how to diagnose and treat the issue. These are the most common signs of Valvetronic malfunction in BMW engines:

Loss of Power

Many BMW drivers who experience Valvetronic malfunction report that the car either suffers a significant loss of power upon acceleration, or it may even go into limp mode. This cannot only be highly inconvenient for drivers, but it can be dangerous if you’re traveling at high speeds.

Increased Fuel Consumption

For most drivers, this is one of the most concerning symptoms, as the price of gas isn’t going down any time soon. While BMWs aren’t particularly known for stellar gas mileage, increased fuel consumption or rapid changes in fuel use can indicate serious problems including Valvetronic system failure.

Eventual Starting Problems

Of course, engine issues are common when it comes to Valvetronic fault, but if the problems aren’t diagnosed and treated quickly, it can lead to total engine failure, or the inability to start the car. Once again, this is highly concerning, inconvenient, and unreliable for drivers and should be checked out right away.

Engine Misfiring and Rough Running Conditions

These are the most highly-noticed symptoms when it comes to Valvetronic issues. If your engine isn’t able to appropriately time intake valve opening and closing, it can cause your BMW to run rough or even misfire.

Common Solutions to Fix Valvetronic Issues

Since the majority of Valvetronic problems are oil-care related, it’s important to attend to the oil level, quality, and type of filter installed in the vehicle. Fixing the problem might include replacing worn out parts such as rockers and shafts, but it is absolutely essential for your BMW engine to have an adequate filter recommended by the brand that works best with these types of engines and prevents failure.

Why It’s Critical to Hire a BMW Specialist

BMW X6 Back The BMW experts here at Pro Car Mechanics have provided quality auto servicing and maintenance for clients from all over the areas of Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA. As the leading dealership alternative in the area, we offer specialized care for BMWs but at up to 30% lower prices than dealerships nearby. We have a deep respect for BMW engineering, and we know how important it is to use quality parts for these fantastic automobiles. If you’ve recently experienced any concerning engine performance symptoms and would like to have your car inspected by one of our expert technicians, please call us right away—your safety and satisfaction are most important to us.

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