How to Get Rid of an Oil Leak in Your Mercedes

Mercedes Oil Leak

Investing in a high-end vehicle like a Mercedes comes with perks of comfort and performance; but when your Mercedes starts leaking oil, it’s cause for concern. There are many reasons why your Mercedes’s engine is leaking oil, and it usually requires the diagnostic expertise of an automotive specialist or trained technician to help figure out the source of the issue. First you may notice a spot on your driveway and think nothing of it, chalking it up to condensation leaking from your air conditioner; but, if you look closely, you may recognize that the liquid isn’t clear—instead it is a thicker, dark brown liquid. Motor oil is distinctly different from other fluids that could potentially leak from your vehicle, and it is one of the most concerning. If you are sure that your car is leaking oil, it could be due to a number of issues. Regular Mercedes maintenance is critical; it will help identify and prevent potential issues before serious damage occurs, costing you thousands in repair bills. Here are the main causes of oil leaks and how to prevent them from occurring:

Keep valve seal issue-free

One of the possible causes of your oil leak could be as a result of a faulty seal on your valve gasket. The valve seal is designed to withstand pressure buildup from low and high temperature fluctuations to keep oil from leaking out of the engine block or oil pan. When this seal becomes worn out over time, oil may begin to leak from your engine. With regular oil changes, filter changes, and engine tune-ups and inspections, this usually only occurs in older, more heavily used vehicles—rarely in newer Mercedes models.

Fix the oil filter

Another potential cause of the oil leak in your Mercedes could be the oil filter. Proper intervals for oil filter changes are designated in your manufacturer’s owner’s manual, and they should be changed regularly. Sometimes the oil filter can leak oil if it was replaced with an improperly fitting filter not designed for your car. Because filters routinely wear out with regular vehicle use, it is important to have your oil filter inspected each time you get an oil change.

Properly replace the drain plug

They say it’s normal for your Mercedes to leak a little bit of oil after an oil change. This is usually because the drain plug has a residual coating of oil left on it from when the old oil was drained out. Unfortunately, when automotive technicians do not properly replace the oil drain plug by aligning the threads correctly or not applying it tightly, this can cause your oil to leak slowly. If you recently had your oil changed and notice a puddle in your driveway not long after, despite what the shop says—that’s not normal.

Check the oil filler cap

Lastly, the oil filler cap could also be the culprit of a leaky oily mess beneath your car. Usually a rare occurrence, but nonetheless still pertinent, the oil filler cap could be leaking oil. The oil filler cap is located on the top portion of your engine where the oil is funneled in. If the cap is not properly replaced after filling the oil, get ready for a messy disaster when you begin driving your Mercedes. Luckily, this is a relatively simple fix—just replace the oil cap.

Undertake maintenance at ‘Pro Car Mechanics’

Routine vehicle maintenance doesn’t revolve around just making sure that your oil doesn’t leak—it also entails checking all of the fluids under your hood, checking tire health, performing regular tune-ups, wheel alignments, and other important procedures that your Mercedes relies on to run smoothly. We know that it is difficult to stay on top of your maintenance schedule, and you might need a little help keeping your auto care routine in order. If you believe you’re your Mercedes is leaking oil or is in need of a tune-up or other automotive service, contact us at Pro Car Mechanics. Located in Gardena, CA, we serve other areas such as Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim. Specializing in European import vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, we know the common causes of issues in such vehicles and can help you get on top of your recommended maintenance schedule.

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