Is Air Suspension Better Than Regular Suspension Systems?

Car Air Suspension

You have problem heard of some people opting for vehicles with air suspension, but you may wonder if those systems are better or any different than regular suspension systems. There are differences in the two suspension systems, and which works best is dependent on the vehicle and where you will be driving.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is an integral part of a vehicle. Metal spring suspension is the most commonly used vehicle suspension systems. Using coil springs and shock absorbers to maintain bounce, vibration, and wheel oscillation, it compensates for the irregularities in the road surface, such as bumps and potholes. The suspension supports any added weight without causing excessive sagging of the vehicle.

Advanced Technology and Suspension

Suspension adds comfort to improve the riding experience and safe driving. Advanced technology has been used along with electronic advances to make the suspension system different on many levels, including precise handling for vehicles that bear loads. Vehicles that carry heavy loads have long used air suspension systems, but in the last decade it has become more popular to use these systems in other vehicles, replacing the metal springs and offering more control and the ability to haul larger loads than traditional springs. Luxury cars and newer model vehicles often have air suspension or offer it as an option. Air suspension is also now being used for some motorcycles.

How Do Air Suspension Systems Work?

Rather than the traditional leaf or steel springs, air suspension systems consist of air springs, which are sometimes referred to as air or plastic bags. They are comprised of tough rubber and a system of air lines that are connected to an air compressor that is onboard as well as electronic controls, valves, and solenoids. An electric pump is used as the onboard compressor, and it feeds air to the bags through multiple lines. Air direction control is led by valves that let the air go into different parts of the system.

When there is an electronic system, the system will adjust for different driving conditions then solenoids inflate and vent the suspension’s airbags by closing and opening to change how much air enters each airbag. There is an electronic control module that controls all the off and on switches, manages the ride height and monitors pressure. The air springs are flexible with some elasticity, so the more they are compressed, the more stiffness results, offering adjustable load support and suspension by adding air when the vehicle is riding loaded and then deflating the air as the vehicle is unloaded.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Suspension

When compared to traditional automotive suspension systems, there are pros and cons of air suspension. The advantages of air suspension are that it provides tuning almost instantaneously, has an ability to adapt its handling for the given situations, and makes towing easier. Some of the disadvantages include it is vulnerable to air leaks and can go flat, the cost of buying and maintaining is greater than with a traditional suspension system, and it takes longer to install because of the complexity of the design and network. So, there are advantages and disadvantages to each kind of suspension system.

By understanding how each system works and by knowing how your vehicle will be used, you can choose the right suspension system for your daily driving needs. If your vehicle has air suspension, you want to entrust it to a qualified auto repair facility who can inspect it, maintain it, and repair it as needed.

Air Suspension Service You Can Count On

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