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For any driver, preventative maintenance for your vehicle is one of the most important parts of owning a car. Routine services like tire rotations; brake checks and oil changes all play a part in keeping your car running smoothly and free of issues. However, service becomes more and more vital when it comes to maintaining cars such as Jaguar. For decades they have remained near the cream of the crop in terms of performance, design and comfort with increasing technological advancements allowing them to innovate and expand even further. Known for a smoother ride than just about any car, it is crucial to stay on top of your vehicle’s care plan to prevent long-term problems in your car’s performance.

Anything But Routine

At Pro Car Mechanics drivers are able to get the high-end auto service they want but at more budget-friendly prices than going to the dealership. Our ASE certified mechanics are highly trained and experienced in the maintenance needs of European-made vehicles including Jaguar. When you schedule an appointment with one of our specialists you can rest assured that your vehicle receives the most comprehensive services available including:

  • Full diagnostic inspection using factory level tools and equipment to accurately find the problem the first time
  • All repairs performed by trained mechanics using manufacturer replacement parts and materials
  • Service appointments done thoroughly with no cut corners or skipped/overlooked areas on your vehicle
  • 100% satisfaction in all repairs and services performed

There are countless benefits to regularly maintaining your car but those benefits are exponentially greater when handled by certified mechanics who know exactly what your car needs and when it needs it.

Where To Find Pro Car Mechanics

For years the specialists at Pro Car Mechanics have made it easy to get dealership quality service for drivers in Gardena and around the entire South Bay area. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality work has helped us become the leading alternative to dealerships when it comes to everything from cosmetic repairs to routine mileage service appointments.

You expect your Jaguar to deliver a superior experience each time you get behind the wheel and the friendly staff at Pro Car Mechanics is here to make sure your car gets the service it needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert mechanics or to inquire about the full list of repairs and services available for your Jaguar.

Dear Valued Customers,
After conferring with State and local officials and based on the relatively small number of personal interactions involved in our daily operation we have decided to continue to function and will be open regular hours. We have taken aggressive measures to sanitize surfaces that are prone to human touch and will do so on a continuing basis. In addition we will make certain that as we interface with you at the counter, handle your keys, answer questions and clean your car and take payment we will maintain proper distance and sanitize the touch points in your car. We are committed to your safety and well being and will comply with any restrictions imposed by authorities.

We are here to support all of our clients as best we can for as long as we can. Don't hesitate to call the shop with questions.

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