Know the Right Time to Service Your Audi Engine

Audi Engine Servicing

Following a routine maintenance plan for your Audi is the best way to keep your engine running well. Because the Audi brand focuses on luxury and performance, the recommended service intervals are quite close together. It is important to treat your Audi well, as you may be able to forgo certain maintenance procedures if you drive your vehicle with special care. However, you should always bring your Audi to a trusted automotive specialist who can help you identify when the right time is to perform services on your Audi engine. Because the recommended service intervals set forth by the manufacturer are usually based on regular driving conditions, you may need even more frequent services performed. For instance, if you live in a particularly dusty or cold area, your engine will likely need more care and attention than the average Audi engine. In order to know the right time to service your Audi engine, here are some things you may want to consider:

Regular Service Intervals

Generally, auto maintenance schedules are grouped by year or model. In Audi vehicles, for the 2017 maintenance plan, all models are to adhere to generally the same schedule. The schedule is quite rigid for Audi vehicles because their mission is to uphold a high standard of performance in their product. Therefore, every 10,000 miles Audi vehicles must undergo minor or standard maintenance procedures that keep the engine running optimally. Furthermore, Audi has time-sensitive recommended procedures that every model should adhere to. For instance, every two years, regardless of the mileage on your odometer, certain safety features must be checked for functionality and brake fluid must be replaced. Every seven years certain models must have their battery connectors inspected and replaced. If you drive an older Audi model, you may need to be more regular about your service plan so that you can extend the life of your vehicle.

Minor and Standard Maintenance

Audi recommends several different types of maintenance services throughout the life of the engine. It is important to have an understanding of what the Audi manufacturer recommends for optimal performance at all times. Although the scheduled maintenance plan might seem like it can add up quickly cost-wise, the more expensive procedures (standard maintenance services) only occur every 20,000 miles, and minor services that are to take place every 10,000 miles are very manageable financially. For instance, most minor services relate to inspection and check-up visits for the brake system, the engine oil and oil filter, and checking the engine compartment for leaks. These procedures should not go overlooked, especially in relation to engine care. For example an important standard maintenance procedure involved checking the coolant system thoroughly—this includes fluid clarity, levels, and inspecting for leaks. If this service does not occur, it could lead to coolant leaks and/or engine overheating.

Additional Maintenance

Bringing your Audi in to have the engine inspected every 10,000 miles is an easy way to stay proactive about your engine care and take preventive measures to keep your Audi out of the shop for extended periods of time for lengthy and costly repairs. Beyond minor and standard services, additional maintenance refers to procedures that should be performed based on a mileage and/or time-frame. For instance, every 20,000 miles or every 6 years, spark plugs should be replaced on certain models—for other models this same service can be performed at 30,000 miles.

How We Can Help

Audi R8 Engine At Pro Car Mechanics, we know that ongoing maintenance can be a hassle and an added expense that many people cannot afford. We appreciate the Audi brand for their exceptional engineering and design, and feel a personal responsibility to uphold the integrity of their vehicles for our clients; and since we want all Audi drivers to have access to specialized care, we offer our services for up to 30% lower prices than dealerships in the areas of Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, California. The expert technicians at Pro Car Mechanics have specialized training in German-engineered vehicles, including all Audi models. If you need help figuring out a maintenance plan that works best for your individual needs, contact us today to get more information or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to improving your driving experience!

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