Mercedes Auto Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Vehicle’s Life

Overview_HeaderA person could think of a Mercedes as an investment. It is a purchase that will enhance an individual’s prestige, announce to the world that he or she is successful in business, and also hint that the driver has very good taste in automobiles. Mercedes is recognized as one of the best make of cars on the road. It is not a cheap vehicle, however. A good Mercedes will cost tens of thousands of dollars and it is important to think of those ways that will increase the life of the car, or extend the investment if you will. Here are some basic tips on auto maintenance for the Mercedes.


The Body of the Car

A real simple tip is to keep it in the shade. The rays of the sun can fade the paint job and if it’s not possible to park it in a garage or under a tree, a car cover can be used so the paint job is kept fresh and shiny. The same paint job on a Mercedes is susceptible to the wear and tear that slush or grime will produce. This is why washing the car both in the winter and summer is a very good maintenance idea. It also allows you to notice whether rust is starting to develop so that can be taken care of. Waxing the car also helps protect the paint from various corrosive such as bird droppings.

Mercedes RepairThe brakes ought to be inspected on a routine basis, and any defects such as worn pads or excessive grooves in the brake drums will require that maintenance has to be done to replace them. The electrical system of the car ought to be checked by a master mechanic who is familiar with the Mercedes electrical systems, and not somebody who is involved in just routine repair of cars. The transmission is a critical component underneath the hood. It should be given service when the mileage is between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. The transmission should definitely be serviced after five years of operation. The transmission fluid ought to be inspected every time service work is done on the Mercedes. Other fluids are important in maintenance. Newer models of the Mercedes will use synthetic oil which requires periodic changing. The coolant level of the engine is an important to prevent any overheating. If there is any noticeable drop in the coolant level a mechanic should be asked to take a look to see what the problem might be. The brake fluid level should be something examined and replaced approximately every 20,000 miles. Air filters should be replaced at 40,000 mile mark.

Ordinary Maintenance Work

Some of this is service work is done at the time of a tune-up or regular inspection. Something that the owner of a Mercedes can do a routine basis is use gasoline has the right octane rating for the car. Mercedes is a European model, and the octane ratings of European cars are different than those of American vehicles. It is a good idea to consult the owner’s manual to find out what octane rating is best for Mercedes, and use gasoline that fits that. The benefit is fewer problems with the engine itself.

A very easy maintenance job is seeing to it that the tires have the proper amount of air pressure in them. It is a small thing, but poor air pressure can affect the alignment of the car and have an impact on the brake system as well. It doesn’t take much to check the pressure, and an air gauge is something that can be purchased at the front counter of any auto parts store.

None of the above tips should be considered annoying chores. Taken as a whole these pointers help the owner of a Mercedes maintain a fantastic car for many years. These aren’t meant to be discarded after eight or nine years of use; more than 10 years is achievable. The owner in the short-term should remember that this beautiful car costs a fair amount of money in order to get the title. The little maintenance chores will extend the life of the family jewel for years longer than ordinary. They are certainly worth all the effort expended, and whatever costs that may be incurred to keep the Mercedes running like it just came off the assembly line.

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