My Audi Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air: What Should I Do?

Checking Car AC

Owning an Audi is a luxury experience; the performance level alone is the envy of car enthusiasts worldwide. Audi drivers who live in condensed clusters of cities like Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA, all experience the same issue: where to find a reliable automotive shop that has experience with high-end performance vehicles. It is especially important to find an automotive shop that you can trust who won’t try to tack on more unnecessary automotive work, making your investment a money pit. Furthermore, vehicle maintenance can help keep your car running at its optimal performance level year-round, even during the hot summer months. One of the most common summer issues that car owners face is a malfunctioning air conditioning system, and you don’t want to get stuck in California triple digit heat without AC. If you notice that your air conditioner is blowing hot air, you should take it to your nearest, most trusted automotive shop so that they can properly diagnose the issue. Hot air coming out of your Audi’s air conditioner can be attributed to several potential issues:

Wearing compressor

One of the most common parts related to AC issues is the compressor. The compressor is responsible for processing the refrigerant in a way that cools the entire cabin by making the air blowing through the vents cold. If the compressor is broken or worn out, then it will result in hot air rather than cool air blowing through the vents. Over time the compressor can become worn out at a regular pace and will need to be replaced; however, this occurs more quickly if you live in a hot area like Los Angeles where the air quality makes it difficult for your car to process and outside temperatures can reach over 100 degrees quite easily in summer. The harder and more frequently the compressor has to work to make the car cool inside, the quicker the AC system parts will deteriorate.

Poor wiring

Another common issue that causes hot air to blow out of your air vents is electrical issues with the AC system’s wiring. Any number of the electrical components in the complex system could be the culprit as the origin of the issue. As a safety feature, most AC systems are engineered to automatically turn themselves off when an electrical component fails. As you may have guessed, this requires help from a professional automotive specialist who can diagnose the exact part that needs to be replaced. Sometimes this is where automotive work can get sloppy; a lot of shops will simply order an entire new system instead of finding the one wire that needs replacement, costing their clients far more money than necessary.

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks are another common source of AC issues. Unlike the other fluids in your vehicle that leave evidence of an issue on your driveway, refrigerant fluid does not puddle beneath your car. A skilled and knowledgeable automotive technician is educated on how to find a refrigerant leak in other ways; typically refrigerant leaks are evident under the hood where fluid accumulates and then evaporates, leaving remnants of refrigerant fluid that gathered in grooves and hose connection points. Only a professional who is familiar with detecting air conditioning issues and their causes should diagnose this problem.

Maintain your AC with ‘Pro Car Mechanics’

Car Air Filter There are many other issues that could cause your AC to stop working, and it is critical to get an inspection, diagnosis, and resolution before Nashville summer heat hits again. If you are having trouble with your air conditioning system, stop by Pro Car Mechanics. Located in Gardena, CA, they aim to provide the nearby communities of LA, Glendale, Anaheim, and Long Beach with prices up to 30% lower than dealerships. There is no need to take your Audi to the dealer again; Pro Car Mechanics offers a more advanced level of expertise with exceptional customer service. Unlike other automotive shops, Pro Car Mechanics pride themselves on providing customers with an upfront, accurate diagnosis coupled with time-efficient work that ensures clients’ safety. Stop by today to check out the facility and meet our expert, friendly staff.

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