Reasons Behind High Idle After Cleaning the Throttle Body

Car Throttle Body

Like a family cat, the purring sounds of your engine idling are a familiar and comforting sound. When those sounds become too high-pitched and anxious, we too are filled with anxiety and want to know what is wrong. When you have just spent time and money servicing your car, you want answers, and you want them quickly.

We have them for you. Here are the reasons your car may be idling too high after the throttle body has been cleaned.

Computer Readjusting

The throttle body is a tight system that helps regulate the amount of fuel and air mixture in your engine. When you take it apart and clean it, it physically resets the system, which means your car’s computer has to recalibrate, as if you’ve installed a completely new throttle body. This causes extra fuel to be added to the system, raising your idle rpms.

Here’s a quick trick you can use to help your car’s computer re-calibrate quickly.

1. Put your car in drive and wait two or three minutes for the idle to come down.
2. Turn on your air conditioner, with the blower set on high, for about three minutes.

This should give your computer a sense of the general throttle parameters of driving… like speed-dating for your computer and throttle. If this is not what is causing high idle rpms, your throttle may not have been cleaned properly.

Not Cleaned Properly

There are billions of DIY videos on YouTube, which have raised up a new generation of car owners who are not afraid to try any auto repair themselves. Not all videos cover every critical detail though, and in reality, there are some things that you have to learn through experience. If you have tried to clean the throttle yourself or had someone who was not trained by an expert, there may still be debris in the throttle bore. This, in turn, may be causing your plate to move erratically instead of smoothly.

If this is the case, the throttle body needs to be removed again and entirely cleaned on both the front and rear of the throttle bore. Once it is reinstalled, the computer will need time to readjust and recalibrate. You can speed this time period up with the exercise detailed above.

If the throttle body appears quite clean when you remove it, don’t put it back in immediately. There is one other component to check.

Air Control Valve

The idle air control valve is complicated to clean without removing it from your car’s throttle body. With a standard cleaning, it may get partially cleaned, but there may still be debris stuck in it. To make sure your throttle is thoroughly cleaned, remove the air control valve and the plate and clean them individually. This should allow your throttle to function more effectively.

If you have tried all of these strategies and your car is still idling too high, there is one more possibility to consider.

Throttle Sensor Damage

The throttle sensors may have experienced damage while you or your mechanic cleaned the motor. It is possible the damage could have occurred from other causes as well, but if you noticed the change right after the cleaning, there is a good chance the sensors were damaged in this process. This can happen when the plate is opened and closed repeatedly and quickly. You need a computer scan tool to check the throttle activity and position to determine the kind of damage and what kind of replacements may be necessary to fix your high idling problem.

DIY Dangers

If you do not have the tools and training to perform these kinds of Car Throttle Body Cleaning maintenance operations on your vehicle, you are poorly calculated risks when you do them yourself. Why risk further expensive damage when you have access to some of the best auto mechanics in the region?

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