Remodeling a Simple Car to a Sophisticated Model

Just about every driver would prefer to drive a nice, luxury model vehicle but for a lot of drivers, the high cost of purchasing and then maintaining them is simply too much to afford when factoring in other bills and payments that may need to be taken care of as well. However, there are ways to remodel your current vehicle and tricks you can use to have it looking like a luxury vehicle on the outside, driving like one under the hood and offering you the same level of high-end comfort while being much more affordable and cost-effective.

  • Repaint Your Vehicle– A fresh coat of paint can make a drastic difference in the appearance Car Wheel of your car. Especially on vehicles that are a bit older, changing the paint to something new and fresh will help update the overall look and perception of your car.
  • New Wheels– You may not expect new wheels to make such a large impact on your car’s appearance but new high performance wheels will make your car look better than ever and will also help your car drive a bit better than usual. Your wheels tend to show the wear and tear of your car more than other areas, hitting cement curbs and missing hubcaps really show the age of your entire car. New wheels will cost anywhere from $400-$1500 not to mention the cost of the tires, so only go this route if you’re planning on keeping your car for many years to come.
  • Replace Damaged Parts– If your door has a dent or scratch that just won’t come out or your windshield has a noticeable chip or break in it, replacing the damaged parts will help your car look much newer than it may actually be.

Performance Upgrades are much more expensive than these mostly cosmetic upgrades, you can look in to duplicating the performance of high-end luxury vehicle by improving the engine and exhaust system of your current vehicle.

    • Installing a cold air intake will help maximize the power, increasing the horsepower in your vehicle and also the fuel efficiency as well.
    • A higher flowing exhaust system will maximize your engine’s performance in a variety of noticeably ways. Though some states have strict rules and regulations regarding modifications to or replacing the catalytic converter. Be sure to check with your local DMV before performing any modifications to your exhaust to avoid unwanted fines or penalties.
  • Reprogram your engine control unit; the ECU will add fuel to the mixture to achieve balance should the engine run too rich or poor. By reprogramming the ECU to prioritize engine performance you can free up power and increase your vehicle’s gas mileage. Some programmers can even allow you to switch between air and fuel ratios that give you different priorities on performance, gas or even using a lower octane fuel.
  • Replace your shocks and springs with a higher performance alternative to help the suspension Tachometer Showing Maximum Speed of your car focus more on performance. Replacing the shocks and springs will sacrifice some of your comfort when driving but will keep your tires in better contact with the road. This will improve your traction when braking, turning and accelerating.
  • Switch your rubber bushings out with polyurethane to help get longer lasting performance out of them. The typical rubber bushings will wear down over time and the polyurethane alternatives will last longer and are much stiffer. These bushings help maintain your car’s distribution of weight when in use and will reduce any and all vibrations as well.
  • Upgrade your brakes to help improve your vehicle’s braking capabilities. Various brake pads and compounds all have different purposes and functions and consulting with your mechanic will help you determine the best option for your vehicle and its capabilities.

Having a luxury car unfortunately isn’t an option for every car owner, but there are tons of possible upgrades and modifications that you can make to your current vehicle handle and perform like those more expensive luxury cars are known for. With so many options to improve both the look and performance of your car, you can also help improve your comfort in the vehicle as well, which goes a long way to help your old car look and feel like a whole new car.

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