Signs of Electrical Problems in an Audi

Audi Electrical Problems Repair

Audi vehicles are designed with durability, luxury, and efficiency in mind. However, just like any vehicle, they require routine care and maintenance to keep them running well at all times. Most of the components and system of Audi cars are electronically controlled by control modules, wiring, and fuses, so any of those components experiencing issues can lead to a malfunction of the whole system.

Because of this, electrical problems in Audis are a significant concern that requires immediate repair. In this article, we will highlight the significance of the various electrical components in your car, the most common issues that the Audi drivers experience, and how you can stop the problems from occurring.

Common Battery Problems

Batteries are common culprits when it comes to electrical problems. The battery in your Audi can generally last around 2 years, but they may fail sooner if they are faulty or if you live in a harsh climate. The battery terminals are prone to corrosion as they are often exposed under the hood. Corrosion can interrupt the ability of the battery terminal to conduct a current, and in critical cases the battery will not be able to conduct power at all, leading to the car having problems starting.

If your battery is having problems, you may experience slow cranking and a clicking noise from the engine when the key is turned. A thorough inspection will reveal if the connections aren’t tight enough, or if there is corrosion around the terminals. Tightening the cables on the terminals is fairly simple, and if there is only minor corrosion, you may be able to clean it off with some water, baking soda, and an old toothbrush. If the corrosion is extensive, though, you will likely need to replace the battery.

Water Damage to Electronics

The Multi-Media Interface (MMI) consists of an integrated interface that controls the entertainment components, navigation, car electronics, and other infotainment aspects of your car. However, in the modern Audi, the MMI unit is located under the cup holders. Unfortunately, this placement can result in leaks from spills that can burn the entire unit out, requiring a complete replacement to restore the function of the vehicle. Since this is more of an error than the cause of an electrical problem, it is vital to keep drinks tightly closed to avoid liquid from spilling into the cupholders.

Faulty Window Motor

The window motor allows the driver and passengers to open and close the window. Modern Audi vehicles have a switch to operate their electric windows. The motor functions by sending an electrical command to the regulator to either raise or lower the window. However, over time, the regulator and motor can become damaged due to internal tear and wear.

Window stickers and tinting are the major factors that lead to malfunctioned window motor, as these increase the thickness of the window. This greater thickness results in increased resistance that puts pressure and stress on the entire mechanism. When motor is faulty, it will struggle to raise the window, and it will sometimes produce a loud whirring noise. Because it is usually used more often than the others, the driver’s side window is generally the most common to experience motor failure. If you experience a defective window motor in your Audi vehicle, it will need to be replaced by a skilled service technician.

How Pro Car Mechanics Can Rectify Electrical Problems in your Audi

Audi Electrical Issues Check Our Audi specialists here at Pro Car Mechanics offer routine maintenance and more extensive service for your Audi vehicle. Our Audi Repair Center is attended by our ASE certified mechanics who are experts in repairing European cars.

Electrical problems in Audi vehicles warrant immediate inspection, and at Pro Car Mechanics we will provide you with the best mechanical solution and give honest advice as your vehicle moves from one phase of repair to another. We also offer free shuttle services to pick up and drop off our customers conveniently throughout the regions of Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and tools that enable us to diagnose your vehicle quickly. If you would like to have your Audi inspected for electrical problems or any other kind of repair, come by or make an appointment today.

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