Signs That An Oil Pump Needs Replacing

Oil Pump Fixed With EngineThe engine of an automobile relies on many parts functioning properly. It should be no surprise that if one becomes deficient; it is going to cause a great deal of wear on the engine itself. The oil pump is something that is often taken for granted and should not be. Proper maintenance and care are necessary to keep this engine part performing smoothly. The oil pump is going to provide warning signs that it is starting to malfunction. It doesn’t matter if the car is the family automobile or a high end European model, the owner should be watching for the signals.

Sign of trouble: Clanking Noise

Never ignore the Check Engine light of the car. It will alert the driver to problems that are occurring in the engine, which may be the oil pump itself. An auto mechanic should be consulted as soon as possible to have the problem fixed. At same time some additional information should be given to the mechanic, so he or she can go straight to potential problem areas. Noise coming from underneath the hood, particularly if there is a clanking noise, are signs of trouble. A primary duty of oil is to lubricate the engine and prevent friction resulting from parts coming in contact with each other. The clanking noise is a warning that there is insufficient lubricant that could be caused by a defective oil pump. The hydraulic lifters are ordinarily not noisy at all. Commotion coming from them is an indication that not enough oil is being pumped to them.

Impact of low oil pressure:

The oil pump is responsible for generating the kind of pressure that allows oil to circulate all through the engine. Low oil pressure is not a good sign and is often detected by the car not starting up. If a look on the dashboard indicates that the engine temperature is racing up, the oil pressure is insufficient and friction is starting to develop within the engine. These are all indicators of some oil trouble under the hood.

Oil Pump

Cause of low oil pressure:

It is possible that the oil pump may not always be the culprit. Leaks can happen that are not related to the oil pump at all. Low oil pressure may be caused by something as simple as using the wrong brand of motor oil. In fact, other things can influence oil pressure including engine bearings that have become worn out. An oil pressure check by professional can discover whether or not the oil pump is having difficulty. The car owner has to understand there are consequences for not responding to possible oil pump problems. The hydraulic lifters are necessary auto parts and don’t come cheap. Not enough lubrication will eventually wear them done and be the reason for some fairly expensive repair work. The engine itself will be damaged if there is insufficient lubrication.

Whether to go for D-I-Y or an automotive center :

It is possible that an oil pump replacement can be a do-it-yourself project. The proper hand tools plus an oil drip pan, gasket, and a gasket scraper will be required. Safety dictates that a study car jack and stands be used. Someone who is not too familiar with car engines should go to an automotive center because replacing an oil pump is not a training experience. A very simple way of keeping the oil pump in good condition is to use the right type of motor oil. Regarding the oil, if it isn’t possible to immediately get the car to an automotive center, the oil pressure can be increased in the short run by adding some additional oil. Nevertheless, the car still will need maintenance done on the oil pump as soon as practicable.

The oil pump is a durable part of the car and will stand up to years of driving. It is still a manufactured product and these will show their age over time. Car owners have to keep an eye on the oil pressure and the heat registered; it isn’t always the radiator that causes the overheating. The noise from the engine is without a doubt the most important warning sign. It announces that parts no longer have the lubrication needed to keep them from grinding contact. The engine can gradually wear down if this should happen. It won’t if the oil pump is in good condition and doing the job it was originally manufactured to do.

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