Solve Your Mercedes’s Suspension Problems in S Figueroa St Gardena

Mercedes Suspension

Mercedes Benz has always been at the forefront of suspension development. By pioneering the air suspension in the 90’s, and always adding improvements to their traditional suspensions, Mercedes ensures there little to no competition.

However, all suspensions will begin to show signs of failure given enough mileage. Since that Mercedes is one of the most popular car brands purchased second hand, problems with the suspension can become commonplace. With this in mind, in this article, we will take a closer look at the Mercedes suspension, discuss common problems you might come across, and point you towards the best place in town to get suspension problems fixed.

What are the key parts of my suspension?

Your suspension is what keeps you from feeling every single bump or rough texture of the road as you drive. The suspension parts all work together to level out road surfaces, absorb shocks, and keep your car steady on the road. Of course, your suspension is made of many parts which may different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general, the 3 key parts to a suspension are as follows:


Your suspensions springs are made of steel and work in tandem with the wheels to help keep your car level and parallel to the road surface. They achieve this by expanding when the car wheel dips into a low spot or pothole. They contract when the wheel goes up, such as when going over a speed bump.

Shock Absorbers

As the name suggests, the shock absorbers are designed to absorb the shocks from the road, prevent them from reverberating up the vehicle’s chasse. The shock absorbers are able to take kinetic (movement) energy and turn it into a less disruptive energy form, such as heat.

Anti-Roll Bars

Anti-roll bars keep your Mercedes steady on the road. These bars help distribute the weight of the car, particularly when it turns. This prevents it from tipping to one side or rolling over.

What are the signs that my suspension has problems?

The suspension is a large system of parts working together. There are numerous ways in which failure can occur. These failures all have different symptoms, such as the ones listed below:

Veering to the Left or Right

When driving, if you begin to notice you are regularly having to correct your vehicle to keep from drifting to one side or another, then it is likely you have an issue with your suspension. This drift can be subtle, but as the problem progresses, it may feel as though you are constantly wrestling with your vehicle to keep it driving straight ahead. This issue is usually caused by the suspension or wheels being misaligned. It can occur for many reasons such as poor tie rods, a bad steering rack, or a brake caliper that’s sticking. It can also be simply down to worn out or underinflated tires. So before you make an appointment with the repair shop, check the status of your tires and well as their pressure.

Rough Ride

If driving your Mercedes no longer feels as smooth as it did, it’s likely its suffering with worn out shocks, struts, or bushing. To test if any of these parts are the culprit, simply press down on the front of your car. When you release your pressure, your Mercedes should not bounce before coming to a level stop. If it does, then you definitely have suspension issues which should be investigated by a professional.

Corner Sitting Low

When parked, your Mercedes should be completely level. Mercedes Suspension Check However, if you have a suspension issue, it is likely one corner may sit lower than the rest. This is indicative of failure of one of your suspensions springs.


Finally, it is important to remember that your suspension is meant to be operating silently. Any noises, even minor thumps or squeaks, are a sign that a part of your suspension isn’t working correctly and should be investigated.

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