Spark Plug Problem Symptoms & When To Change It

Car manufacturers are making a big point about lifetime spark plugs. The idea is to impress on consumers the spark plugs can last the life of the car. It is true that the modern spark plugs are much more durable than the older types but you have to be careful about a false sense of security. It is possible that spark plugs may malfunction for other reasons. Fortunately, automobile telegraphs to its owner with their problems underneath the hood. Several warning signs and let you know there may be some trouble with your spark plugs.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in an old car can get worn down. If you are having trouble starting your car do not automatically assume it is the battery. As a matter of fact, the spark plugs may be causing the drain on the battery itself. Rather than ignore it, this is a situation that should be taken care of right away. If not, you may end up bearing the cost of a new spark plugs as well as a new battery.

A rough idle when stationary can be for a number of reasons and spark plugs is one of them. Again, this is a situation that must not be allowed to continue. A rough idle will eventually cause some damage to the engine. Conversely, the engine light surging suddenly, also known as engine hesitation, means that the engine has to be looked at and spark plugs are one of the things that has to be investigated.

Spark plugs help with the competent combustion of the engine. If combustion is working properly then fuel efficiency is going to be quite good. You discover that you are having to fill up more often than you use to do, you may be faced with a situation of incomplete combustion. It can be traced all directly spark plugs that are going bad. Acceleration is tied to combustion. When you discover that your automobile is not accelerating properly a suspect may be spark plugs that are malfunctioning. When you notice that your car is beginning to misfire this may be the result of carbon deposits on the spark plugs you have.

You may have very durable spark plugs when you purchase them, but things happen underneath the hood. It is quite possible that the poor performance of another part of the engine is causing difficulty with the spark plugs. In other words, it isn’t always a situation where the spark plugs themselves are wearing down. Ignition may not be coming about properly because of difficulty with fuel injection. What is essential to understand is the important spark plugs have to the engine itself. If there is a problem with the engine the spark plugs must also be examined. If not, it is possible you may have corrected one engine problem only to have another one develop not too long afterwards. You risk causing repair and maintenance costs to go up even higher.

Used Spark PlugsYou can change the spark plugs yourself should you have the right tools. This is a do-it-yourself project for Saturday afternoon for a number of people. You have to be certain that the spark plugs you use are compatible with the engine you have. Consulting the owner’s manual is going to help you identify the proper spark plugs. Failure to put in the right spark plugs are only going to cause more trouble for you. A little bit of preventive maintenance is to ask your spark plugs be checked when your car is in for routine maintenance. It is just another simple chore that doesn’t take much time and effort. This is a bit of caution which will see to it you are not paying large repair fees later.

A sensible car owner is going to keep his or her eyes and ears sharp for any problems. Difficulty starting or other problems with the engine may signal difficulty with spark plugs. Having them inspected as part of the maintenance is a sensible and smart idea. The cost of placing spark plugs is not that great, and doing it will see to it that your car is running efficiently. Lifetime spark plugs are extremely durable but things happen. Do not assume that everything is okay simply because these parts have longer than normal year.

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