Tesla Pick up Truck Vs Rivian R1T

The electric revolution is here, and the technology has finally progressed to the point where electric trucks are possible. The electric trucks that we’re most excited about are the Telsa  and the Rivian R1T. Neither of these have been released yet so we can only compare them based on projections. But we’re so excited that we’ve decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

Estimated Starting Price:

Telsa = 50,000

Rivian = 69,000

That’s quite a big difference. However, some people are skeptical that Elon Musk will actually be able to make a truck with his projected specifications in that price range.

Battery Life:

Telsa = According to a tweet from Musk it will be between 400 and 500 miles

Rivian = 400 Miles per charge

Release Date:

Tesla = November 2020

Rivian = To Be Determined

0 to 60:

Tesla = This hasn’t been released yet but Musk has stated that it will perform better than a Porche 911. The 2020 911 clocks in at 3 seconds.

Rivian = 3 seconds

All Wheel Drive:

Tesla = Yes

Rivian = Yes

Towing Capacity:

Tesla = Musk tweeted that it could be up to 300,000 pounds. This would be absolutely ridiculous and if he accomplishes this it will completely change the market place. To put this into perspective most big rigs can only tow 80,000 pounds.

Rivian = 11,000


Tesla = Elon is planning on putting his new million mile battery in the truck. The Teslas that currently on the market are getting mixed reviews on reliability. “Tesloop” recently had a Tesla model S hit 400k miles and they wrote a detailed blog post about the overall reliability of the vehicle.  This is the best insight into the reliability of Teslas to date. You can read it here. Overall it’s a very good review. It says that the battery pack needed to be replaced at 200k miles and at 325k miles. However, they weren’t following the manufacturers recommendations to the t.

Rivian = This one is difficult to determine because it is a new company. But it appears to be a very well built and reliable vehicle.

In conclusion I think these trucks will end up having very similar specifications, other than the towing capacity. At first the two main things dividing them will be the aesthetics and the price point. The Rivian has a much more rugged look that will appeal to a completely different audience than the futuristic looking Tesla.  But if the Tesla can actually come in at 20k less than the Rivian with nearly identical specs then the Tesla will dominate it in the marketplace. However, truck buyers tend to focus more on reliability than anything else. So in the long run whoever can build the more reliable truck will win the race.





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