The Importance of Fuel System Maintenance

Car owners must stop thinking of maintenance work as root canal surgery. This is nothing painful and is not outrageously expensive, either. Maintenance is something that any vehicle should have. Perhaps the best way to look at maintenance is a form of challenge: doing what is necessary to see to it that every penny of return on initial investment is realized, and that the life of the car is extended out even further than average. This kind of challenge can make maintenance work almost exciting. Fuel system maintenance is something that should be done on the car and can produce some very significant benefits.

  • The fuel system of any car has the following primary components:
  • Fuel injectors;
  • Fuel pump;
  • Fuel tank;
  • Fuel lines
  • Fuel pump and injection pump assembly.

Fuel Fill Up PointAny time a car is driven it will come in contact with airborne particles and dirt kicked up from the surface of the road. If these get into the fuel system of the car they are going to cause some problems. It does not necessarily mean that the vehicle will break down, but the chances for inefficiency are great and sooner or later there is going to be a major repair required. Preventing contaminants from entering into the fuel system, believe it or not, can be at DIY project. There are fuel tank filters mounted on the engine that are intended to block debris from contaminating the fuel. All a person has to do is make sure that the filters are changed on a regular basis so that they can efficiently provide a shield against outside particles. This is not a major expense at all and the filters can be purchased at any auto supply store.

Going one step further than what is ordinarily done, a complete cleaning of the fuel system should be performed every 15,000 miles or so (always check the owner’s manual to see if they have an exact mileage recommendation for such maintenance). A full job can include taking a look at the fuel injectors and the air intake to make sure that everything is clean, and there is no obstruction. This will do an awful lot to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. The fuel injector and the air intake are extremely important because the combination of fuel and air generates a car’s power. The better the fuel injector and air intake are maintained, the more muscle in the drive there will be. Flushing out the fuel lines will see to it that residue build up doesn’t happen.

Suspension Assembly Of CarA car will telegraph to its owner that there are problems. The fuel system  is no different and the owner has to be on the alert for the potential danger flags. Poor fuel economy in a car that used to having great mileage per gallon is one troubling sign. Delays in getting the car started can also mean that there is trouble somewhere along the line in the fuel system. The most obvious alert is when the “Check Engine” light suddenly goes on and will not go off again. That in particular means it’s time somebody goes underneath the hood and find out what exactly is wrong. That person can either be the car owner or a trained auto mechanic at an automotive maintenance center.

The expenses involved with repairing a broken down fuel system are the stuff of tales around the campfire. No question about it, these can significantly stress a household’s budget dollars. So, keep in mind the idea of the challenge and how maintenance can maximize return on the original investment. Keeping the fuel system in top condition is a major boost to the performance of the car. That can make driving one that much more of a pleasure than a chore. Without question the gas mileage is going to be better as well.

Everyone wants to get as much bang for the buck as possible and fuel system maintenance will definitely help that happen. Keeping an eye out for signs of problems and trying to set up a routine of periodic maintenance will definitely be beneficial. The life of the car itself will be extended out by this due diligence and by fine-tuning an already excellent car; the maintenance will keep it as high-performing as it was when it first rolled off the assembly line.

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