Thermostat Housing Failure in Your Mercedes at S Figueroa St. Gardena

Mercedes Thermostat Housing

One of the most important factors that needs to be regulated in an engine is temperature in order to ensure that the engine runs efficiently. When the engine runs, the temperature also increases, and if left unchecked, it can create a myriad of problems in the engine.

In sophisticated vehicle models such as the Mercedes, it is vital that all the required conditions in the engine are met for the vehicle to produce excellent performance.  The Mercedes is highly famed for its impressive performance, as it is one of those vehicles whose manufacturer has consistently ensured that their cars have the most efficient and powerful engines.

Even in keeping up with this high standard, Mercedes engines, like all other engines, have smaller components that work in unison to ensure engine efficiency. The thermostat housing, for instance, plays an important role in ensuring that the temperature in the engine is regulated. When it has a failure, it can negatively impact your engine. Let’s take a look at the thermostat housing failure.

What it Does

The thermostat housing, just as the name suggests, is a component in the engine that houses the thermostat. The thermostat housing is an outlet through which the coolant passes through as it goes in and out of the engine compartment. This coolant is responsible for taking away part of the heat that is produced while the engine is running in order to prevent overheating that can cause severe damage to the engine.

Coolant does not always flow in and out of the engine. This is because the engine has to heat up to a certain temperature before the wax that is usually contained in a cylinder is warmed up so it starts to melt. When this wax melts, it expands and causes a small rod that is attached to a normally closed valve to push the valve open and allow coolant to pass through.

The thermostat housing essentially regulates the flow of this coolant into the engine, where it absorbs some of the heat that is produced in the engine. The coolant then flows into the radiator, where it is cooled off before the process is repeated. The thermostat housing also protects the thermostat in the engine and prevents it from being exposed directly to the extreme heat in the engine.

Causes of Thermostat Housing Failure

The main cause of thermostat housing failure in your Mercedes is degradation of the rubber hose that the thermostat housing is made of. The constant expansion and contraction of the rubber hose can cause premature wear, which can result in cracks that will cause the coolant to start leaking. This wear is inevitable, especially after covering several hundred thousand miles in your car.

Signs of Thermostat Housing Failure

Regulation of temperature in the engine ensures that the Mercedes lives up to its high performance, and so when the thermostat housing fails, you will definitely notice the difference. Some of the signs that will indicate this failure include:

Coolant Leaks

The first sign that you will notice when the thermostat housing in your car starts to fail is the presence of coolant in the engine compartment or under your car when you have been parked for long period of time. Coolant is usually a shade of brownish-red with a sweet distinctive smell. These leaks come from cracks in the housing through which coolant flows.

Overheating Engine

When the thermostat housing cracks and starts to leak, the coolant levels will run low and Mercedes Thermostat Housing Repaircause the engine to overheat as a result. This will be clear from the thermometer icon on the dashboard illuminating to show the erratic temperature in the engine.

Who to Call to Fix a Thermostat Housing Failure

Extreme temperature in the engine compartment can quickly deteriorate the quality of the engine parts to a point where the engine fails completely. You should immediately get an experienced mechanic to take a look at it and offer solutions for failing thermostat housing. Pro Car Mechanics is a reputable auto repair and servicing shop that has certified and experienced technicians available to service your Mercedes. We are available to serve all Mercedes owners in Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA. Should your car show any signs of trouble, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you an appointment.

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