Top 10 Auto Care Tips For SUV Owners

The SUV is the lord of the urban streets. It can be soccer moms driving the team or guys heading out to a concert, either group fits nicely into the seats of these road beasts. They are durable but an SUV needs to get the right kind of care. You should follow these tips for keeping it in shape.

Range Rover Car

1. Do a Little Budgeting. The SUV is not an economy model and repairs might get a bit pricey. You can set aside some money to handle emergencies which may surface from time to time. You may also want to set up a maintenance agreement with your auto service center, seeing to it maintenance work is done in a timely fashion at a reduced rate.

2. Select a Good Auto Repair Center. You will want to develop a relationship with one particular service and repair center, and not just for the maintenance agreement. The shop will keep a record of all maintenance so you do not accidently request work that was done just a few months before. The service center you decide to do business with should have a good deal of experience servicing SUV models.

3. Set up a Maintenance Schedule. A dime’s worth of maintenance saves a dollar amount of repair. Catching a problem in the beginning can save you a sizable amount of cash. Having your SUV checked on a scheduled basis at the determined auto service center keeps everything working at top performance.

4. Think about a Warranty. Car manufacturers and dealers will offer warranties that knock the price of repair and/or maintenance down a few pegs. A word of caution: read the warranty carefully. If you use aftermarket parts when the warranty calls for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, the commitment might not be honored.

5. Stay Current on the Fluids. This is important in the summer and other seasons as well. It is not just oil or coolant; windshield washer fluid needs to be checked periodically.

6. Tire Pressure needs to be Maintained. Low tire pressure can cost you with lower gas mileage. A vehicle like an SUV burns up enough gasoline, so anything which will maintain decent gas mileage is important.

7. Listen to What Your SUV is Telling You. Any car will telegraph problems under the hood and sometimes give warnings before the engine light start flashing. Trouble with steering or a high pitched whine whenever you stop the car need to be checked on as soon as possible.

8. Watch Out for the Road Conditions. The SUV is a powerful car but you should not think it is invincible. Icy or wet conditions on the road mean you have to be more careful and drive defensively.

9. Keep the Fuel Level in Mind. An SUV drinks down the gasoline, no question about it. You can easily prevent condensation of precious fuel by keeping your gas tank at least half full.

10. Drive Carefully. You should remember the SUV does have limitations to it. You have to maneuver hair pin turns about the same way you would in an ordinary car. Rabbit starts are never smart and you should ease into the acceleration. Respect the other cars on the road. They may be smaller but accidents can happen. You do not want to be a part of that scene.

SUV on Icy Road

You can educate yourself a little on the SUV. Knowing when certain parts like the brakes start to fade permits you to budget ahead. The type of oil you use is going to impact both gas mileage and the performance of your vehicle. The Owner’s Manual is your Holy Scripture. It tells you when servicing is needed and makes recommendations for improvements. It permits you to get as much value out of your investment as is possible.

That last point bears repeating. You have invested quite a bit of your hard earned money in the SUV you have. Even a used SUV is often more expensive than a new, smaller, vehicle. This car can easily turn into a bottomless money pit if proper care is not provided. Every car owner wants to get as many years as possible out of the car they have. The same is true for an SUV. Proper care assures many years of service to you and your family.

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