What Causes Hard Shifting in Your Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz Hard Shifting

If you drive a Mercedes, you have a quality, German-engineered luxury vehicle. Unfortunately, just like any other vehicle, your Mercedes can experience mechanical problems. The motor and the transmission are the two main components of the vehicle’s operating system. With wear and tear, parts can wear out and you might have to repair or replace your transmission or motor. There are many components in a transmission that can fail, so here are some tips regarding transmission problems in a Mercedes.

Indicators of Transmission Service Being Needed

There are several symptom or indicators of transmission problems. If you notice one or more of these issues, you should take your car in to a qualified Mercedes Benz technician to have it checked and the problem diagnosed.

Illuminated warning lights
Modern vehicles know when something is not working properly. The vehicle has a computer system with sensors that notify the driver of any problems before they worsen. If your check engine light illuminates, you should take your car in right away to avoid further damage to its transmission or engine.

Leaking fluid
Leaking transmission fluid is one of the most common causes of transmission problems. Transmission fluid is an integral part of the transmission. Any fluid leakage can cause major issues. If you notice traces of a brightly colored liquid, usually red in color, with a sweet smell on your parking area or in your driveway where you usually park your car, it is a bad sign. There are several causes for transmission fluid leaks, including faulty connection of cooler lines, worn seals or gaskets, pan leak, lack of balance in the driveshaft, dysfunctional bell housings and worn out transmission mounts or axles.

Checking your transmission fluid is simple, yet important. Check the dipstick to make sure your car has enough transmission fluid. Pull the dipstick out while the engine is running, then rub some of the fluid between your fingers to see if it has a pinkish or clear color. If it has a darker color and a burnt smell, it is time to change the fluid. If the fluid has the proper color, but doesn’t reach the dipstick full line, then you should use a funnel to pour just enough transmission fluid down the dipstick tube until the fluid reaches the line.

Symptoms of Bad Shifting

Unusual Noises: If the transmission starts making consistent noise while your vehicle is in operation, that is the sign of a problem. A normally operating transmission should not make any noise. Manual transmissions might exhibit a grinding noise when the clutch is fully engaged, and you shift. An automatic transmission might shift from gear to gear roughly.

Unusual smell: Transmission fluid usually has a sweet smell, so if you notice a burning odor that is indication of a transmission problem.

Skipping: If you accelerate and notice an unusual delay, your transmission might have a problem. Acceleration should be effortless and smooth.

Troubleshooting Transmission Problems

Transmissions are complex machines. More than one problem could lead to similar symptoms. Before you undertake costly repairs, you want to make sure that the correct issue is being addressed. A qualified Mercedes Benz technician can properly troubleshoot the issue and determine what is the root of the problem.

As a first step, your technician will connect a scanner to your vehicle’s computer. The scanner will exhibit codes that indicate what problems the car is suffering. However, a single code can be exhibited by more than one problem. Using the code to narrow down the possibilities, your mechanic will determine what is causing your transmission problems and how it can be corrected.

Getting Your Mercedes Transmission Repaired Properly

If you have been noticing noisy or jerking shifting of Mercedes Benz Transmission gears in your Mercedes Benz, you need to consult with your trusted South Bay repair facility. With an established reputation and proven track record, Pro Car Mechanics serves Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale and Anaheim, CA.

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