What will Happen If a BMW is Having a Bad Fuel Pump

BMW Fuel Pump

BMW has a longstanding history of producing cars that exude both luxury and style while never compromising on performance or reliability. With cars that create incredible driving experiences, as well as smart engineering, it’s unlikely your BMW will ever let you down.

However, with time and use, as well as slipping maintenance standards, even the most thoughtfully-designed vehicles can start to show signs of failure. In this article, we will take a closer look at the signs and symptoms of fuel pump faults and failure and where to go for trusted repairs.

What is a fuel pump?

The fuel pump is an electronically-powered pump that is responsible for pumping fuel from the gas tank to the engine at a set pressure that is required for the type of performance that is demanded. When the key is turned in the ignition, the fuel pump activates and becomes pressurized which can often be heard as a small hum or whine. The pump passes the fuel onto the injectors, which can then inject the fuel into the engine ready for combustion and drive.

Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

If you notice one or more of the following signs, then it is likely you have a faulty fuel pump on your hands. These symptoms can be quite similar to a faulty MAF sensor or fuel injector, so make sure you rule out failures in those system too. Here are the common signs of a bad fuel pump:

1. Whining or Loud Hum from the Fuel Tank

As we mentioned, when starting your car, you may hear a quiet whine or hum from the fuel tank. However, if these noises become loud, it is likely your fuel pump is encountering some type of problem. This can mean several kinds of fuel pump issues such as low fuel, a damaged fuel pump, or contaminated fuel.

2. Struggling to Start the Car

Struggling to start your car can indicate a number of problems, one of which can be a bad fuel pump. If the fuel pump isn’t able to provide the injectors with enough fuel and quick enough, then not enough fuel will enter the engine, meaning starting will become difficult. This kind of struggle is indicative of a pump that has become weak.

3. Sputtering Engine

This is one of the clearest signs of a faulty fuel pump and will often occur when driving at higher speeds. This is because when you drive fast, your engine needs more fuel to maintain motion. All parts of the engine system have to work extra hard to meet the demand. If your pump isn’t up to par, you may notice the engine starts to sputter.

4. Stalling

Stalling can happen for many reasons. It is often down to driver error. However, if this happens frequently and at high temperatures, it is often a result of a failing pump.

5. Loss of Power when BMW is Under Stress

If your BMW loses excessive power when going up a hill or towing a heavy load or even just while accelerating, then your fuel pump is probably on its last legs. The power loss occurs because the fuel pump isn’t able to keep up with the demands of the engine, and therefore, the engine isn’t able to display the power needed when under stress.

6. Car Surging

If the fuel pump motor starts to fail, it may cause your BMW to surge. Surging is an excess of energy released by the engine. It feels as though you have put your foot down on the pedal, even though you are maintaining a constant speed. If this happens, often it is a sign of a failing fuel pump. It is dangerous for you, pedestrians, and other drivers.

7. Car Doesn’t Start

If your fuel pump completely fails, then your BMW Engine Issue Check BMW simply won’t start. Without the pump working, fuel cannot get to the engine, meaning there is nothing to ignite to drive the crankshaft, and in turn, your car.

Pro Car Mechanics

Whatever the symptoms your BMW is facing, if you suspect an issue, make sure to have your car serviced by a BMW specialist. If you live in or around Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, or Anaheim, CA, then Pro Car Mechanics is a great one-stop-shop for your needs. We are specialists in European cars. We guarantee to be 30% less expensive than dealership prices.

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