When You Should Replace the Door Window Regulator in Your Mercedes

Mercedes Automated Door Window

The door window regulator of a car is one of those car parts that not many people pay attention to until they stop working or become faulty. In fact, you may never pay much attention to the windows in your car up until they refuse to move up or down. Stuck windows can present serious discomfort to the vehicle’s occupants, because if the window is stuck while up, the cabin can become stuffy as a result of poor air circulation or inconvenient when you need to use a drive-thru. The window getting stuck while rolled down is equally unfortunate, as in case of extreme weather like rain or snow, the occupants will not be shielded from getting soaked.

What is a Door Window Regulator?

A door window regulator is an assembly of parts that mechanically move the door windows up or down. There are manual door windows and automated door windows. In the manual door window, there is window crank that is turned clockwise and anti-clockwise to roll the window up and down. This constant movement of the window crank makes it a lot easier for the regulator to break.

Fortunately for Mercedes Benz owners, the door window regulator is automated. This means that the rolling up and down movement is created when the electric motor is powered. This door window regulator assembly is located inside the door panel where it is firmly mounted onto the door.

Reasons for Potential Failure

The door window regulator assembly is a constantly moving part of the car. Because of its location within a hidden space, this component never gets much attention even during regular servicing, leaving it exposed to failure over time. One of the main reasons why it can break down is due to wear and tear from friction.

In addition, the smaller parts that make up the assembly can become loose or broken, causing the mechanical functions of the pulleys and gears to be impaired.

Signs of a Bad Door Window Regulator

Some of the most common signs that the door window regulator in your Mercedes Benz is faulty and needs replacement include:

  • Unusual noises within the door that point to broken parts or loose pulleys and gears. When these parts are not firmly held in place, they knock on each other producing some noises.
  • The windows of the car will also move either too fast or much slower than normal as an indication of a problem with the pulleys and gears.
  • Failure of the windows to stay up when rolled up. When the gears and pulleys that control the windows become faulty, the windows may sometimes fall back down on their own.
  • Pressing more than once for the windows to roll up or down. Since this process is automated in the Mercedes, one press should be enough to control movement of the window.

In the event that your car experiences any of these symptoms, then it is clearly time to replace the door window regulator.

Replacing Your Door Window Regulator

The door window regulator works to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz CLK Mercedes is as comfortable as possible and that you enjoy your driving experience to the fullest. Having fresh air continuously flowing in and out of your car cannot be underestimated and in order to continuously enjoy this feature, it is important that you get the door window regulator replaced when it begins showing symptoms of failure.

Moreover, replacing the regulator will also make it possible to prevent the occupants of the car as well as the upholstery from feeling the effects of adverse weather conditions.

Because of the location of the door window regulator within the door component, it is not easy to replace or fix a faulty regulator. For this reason, enlisting the services of a highly qualified mechanic is highly advisable. This is a simple precautionary measure to ensure that the replacement of the regulator is up to standard and so are the parts that are used in the process.

At Pro Car Mechanics, we have the perfect blend of experience and quality services to ensure that your Benz stays in tip top shape. For Mercedes owners in and around Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, CA, all you need to do is make an appointment and we’ll take it from there.

* Mercedes-Benz CLK image credit goes to: AdrianHancu.

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