Why Is Your Audi Encountering Suspension Issues?

Audi Suspension Issue

All cars encounter suspension issues, even the most well-engineered vehicles on the market. If you drive an Audi that’s experiencing a suspension issue, the first and most important step to take is to find a trustworthy, reliable Audi automotive specialist near you. Even the simplest of Audi repairs should be performed by a technician who specializes in German automotive work; this is because Audi vehicles require a high level of skill and knowledge to repair properly. Furthermore, the correct, high-quality parts should be used to replace any failed or damaged pieces.

Surprisingly, suspension issues account for a substantial portion of Audi repairs and maintenance work. Whether you drive an Audi A4, S4, A6, A8, the likelihood that you’ll run into a suspension issue at some point is high. You may also be able to curb suspension deterioration by altering your automotive practices—this includes maintenance and repairs as well as driving habits. Here are some of the most common suspension issues in all Audi models that you may encounter down the line, why they occur, and how you can fix the issue.

Control Arms

Control arms are part of the lower end of your Audi’s suspension system. They are responsible for connecting the wheel hub to the lower frame of the car. They consist of other parts that allow for different movement and motion, and can include ball joints, rods, and bushings which can all become worn out. While it’s typical for these parts to need repair or maintenance once in a while, your driving habits can directly affect how quickly these parts erode or become damaged. Frequent heavy braking or especially quick acceleration cumulatively put excess pressure on the various parts, exerting excess force upon them.

Sway Bars

Sway bars, also known as stabilizer bars or anti-roll bars, are named for their function; they are responsible for keeping the car from rolling over as it “sways,” or turns, drastically. These parts can become especially worn out from frequent quick or heavy turning. Audis are especially known for their smooth turning, and reduced intensity of tilting even at higher speeds. Sway bars and sway bar links can become damaged from running over pot holes as well. This causes a rough jolting motion of all the intricate pieces, which wears the part quickly.

Shock Absorbers

Another common part that becomes worn quickly in Audis are the shock absorbers. Usually either hydraulic or mechanical, that are responsible for absorbing heavy motion and energy. For instance, when you go through a dip in the road and your car bounces slightly, this motion is diminished significantly by the shock absorbers. Running over speed bumps or going through dips quickly can greatly affect your shock absorbers.

Wheel Alignment

The precise alignment of your Audi’s wheels is what keeps the car running in a perfectly straight motion when the wheel is straight. When wheel alignment becomes even slightly off, it can affect other areas of your suspension, and it can even cause your tires to wear unevenly. This creates more extensive and elaborate repair work and often tire replacement, all of which can add up significantly in cost. Wheel alignment procedures are simple, quick, and often inexpensive. It can save you a lot of time and trouble in the future to regularly have your alignment maintained.

How We Can Help

Audi Car The experts here at Pro Car Mechanics appreciate European engineering and are highly knowledgeable about every Audi model, older and newer. Serving clients from a wide range of areas such as Gardena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Glendale, Anaheim, CA, for years we have developed the secrets to a lasting, trustworthy automotive business: honesty, accuracy, and affordability. We are familiar with all the common Audi issues, including those related to suspension. Our expert, certified staff will work efficiently and quickly to diagnose troubling problems so that you can get your Audi safely back on the road in a reasonable amount of time, and for an affordable price. In fact, we offer prices up to 30% lower than dealerships nearby because we believe that everyone should be able to afford to maintain a luxury vehicle. If you are having suspension issues and would like more information on our services, contact us today!

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